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In Egypt, discovered a new statue of the Sphinx

In Egypt, discovered a new statue of the Sphinx

August 6 2018 LJ cover – В Египте обнаружили новую статую Сфинкса
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Head of the Administration of the Egyptian Province of Luxor for Antiquities Muhammad Abdel Aziz announced that local workers during the repair of the road connecting Karnak and Luxor temples, discovered a new statue of the Sphinx under the ground.

According to the official, the statue has the shape of a lion with a human face, similar to the famous Sphinx in Giza, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the publication Youm7.

Archaeologists are not in a hurry to extract an ancient monument from the earth, so as not to damage it due to severe climatic changes.

To create the Sphinx in Giza around 2500 BC, the fourth pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Ancient Kingdom of Chephren, who is believed to have ordered to give the face of the monument its own features.

Recall, in early June, a group of Egyptian archaeologists discovered near Cairo a fragment of the famous alley of sphinxes and the foundation of another pyramid.

Anton Nikitin
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