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Empty thoughts exhaust the soul

Empty thoughts exhaust the soul

August 6 2018 LJ cover – Пустые мысли изнуряют душу
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Very many of our problems begin with our own thoughts. Now I was driving to you, and on the way the GPS rebuilt the route. I immediately became nervous: now I'm going to get out of the way, I will not finish, the meeting will break, what will they say about me? .. So empty thoughts drive me crazy. Lead up to disease. As the song sings: it's all your imagination's guilt. And the imagination is our thoughts, thoughts, fantasies. It is the energy of the mind that torments us, often for no reason.

Empty thoughts exhaust the soul

Many of our "problems" are not problems at all. The problem is that you have a bad toothache. You go to surgery. You have an oncology, and you are suffering.

Most of us suffer not from real problems, but long before their appearance - from their thoughts. On Thursday evening at five you go to the dentist, but already on Tuesday you start to come up with all sorts of negative scenarios: anesthesia will not work, I can not stand it, it will be very painful for me ... Anxiety, fears. And beforehand, when nothing else has happened, we in our thoughts inflate this hypothetical "bad" to a tremendous amount and tune in to the worst outcome.

When your child is late for home late at night, what are you thinking about? About the worst! "What about him? Something happened to him! He contacted a bad company. Or maybe he himself takes drugs? Yesterday he smelled, the day before yesterday I found something in his pocket, and there was also this call ... "That, the other ... different scenarios, invented by us. Empty thoughts that exhaust the soul.

We are difficult people with frayed brains

Many of us come to the Church, I want to emphasize this especially, and instead of being healed of such thoughts, they multiply. Instead of our soul being free, the mind calmed down, and we would trust God, we become difficult people with frozen brains. This was all the time said the holy elder Porphyry: "People are frozen. Their minds are not equal. It is impossible to just talk with people and find mutual understanding. Everything is confusing in them. " For some, the confusion of thought has become a habit. There are those who are used to their brain constantly in torments, fears, insecurities. Such people do not know peace.

All problems, thoughts, fantasies, tortures ... So say at last: "All is well, thank God!"

You ask: "How are you?" And the man in return is ready to fall asleep with his problems. He will not say: "All is well, thank God." Problems, thoughts, fantasies, torment. And he expects the same from you. And if you do not have problems, what can I talk with you ?! In the company you have to tell something! Well, not about the same, what a wonderful day. Tell me what happened to you, how you were treated ...

I had a friend with real problems, but with a calm mind. He never complained to me.

- How are you?

"It does not happen better, thank God!"

And he has five children, debts, expenses ... "It can not be better, thank God!" And not a word of negativity.

But when you go to drink coffee, you should tell about two or three problems. We will discuss them, we will compete, whose more.

- And with me the day before yesterday, you know what happened?

- I would have your difficulties!

And the competition begins in problems, which are nothing but thoughts about what has already passed.

Our thoughts are not we

I want you to know that our thoughts are not ourselves. When you think about something bad, it's not you who think about the bad. These thoughts bring temptation. And because they are tempted, do not have to suffer one on one with your thoughts. Whatever bad you think, if you still notice it, then it's not you. It's like in a theater: you see actors. So in your brain there is a performance according to a certain scenario. Once you understand this, you will calm down, because you will look at the situation from a distance. And you say: it's not me, it's a temptation inside me, it's my old man, my passion. And not my soul in its essence. My soul is created by God. She is kind and good. Therefore, it can not be bad. And there are no bad people, there are those who have bad thoughts. If you understand this, you will immediately feel better.

Bad thoughts are not you, but a temptation within you, your old man, your passion

Look, what thoughts come to your mind! But it's not you, but the thoughts that overwhelm you. Do not identify yourself with them, do not cling to them, otherwise get sick!

Some come to confession and say:

"Father, I'm a lost man." I think of such thoughts!

- I'll tell you honestly: such thoughts came to my mind. But thoughts, they come and go. The question is how these thoughts can not be made by oneself. Drive them away!

Many fears from childhood

Someone is anxious about the future: "What am I going to do? Where will I find work? I lost my way ... I can not manage ... I'll never marry ... "This, of course, is related to how you grew up ... There are parents who, from childhood, cultivate fears and anxieties in the child. As the mother who told you when you went on a trip with classmates is not "good", but "be careful, look, so that you do not steal money ...", that is, made your mind afraid. Show me your house, and I'll tell you why you are what you are. Everything is connected with mother, father, grandmother, aunts, neighbors, teachers, priests whom you met on the way.

We make mistakes when, growing a child, filling it with fears, blaming, punishing. Naturally, then the child has a distrust of life. If the father did not say "everything is in the hands of God," but "we are lost, there is no money," if there was pessimism at home, what would be in the child's head when he grew up? Fear of everything. Readiness for failure. Anxiety.

Screwdriver for gadgets of the brain

The other feels unworthy and constantly thinks about his unworthiness. "I do not deserve, I'm not that handsome, I'm not that tall, I'm not so slender, I do not have such a nose, I have acne, I have bad hair ..." The priest hears it all, as everyone confesses his thoughts to him. One person wrote to me: "I will put my hands on myself, because I do not like my nose." The nose was a little crocheted, and the man could not calm down! Everyone goes mad in their own way.

I ask:

- How do you see a pimple on your back?

- In the mirror.

He finds a pimple and falls ill on this soil. She searches for herbs, salt, cream, picks on the Internet all day, orders money from abroad ...

Elder Paisy said:

- I'm doing the Holy Mountain like this: I have a mental screwdriver. I try to twist it or unscrew the nut in my brain that torment them. Someone has to twist, someone - unscrew.

What does a woman think?

And what do women think about who will understand ?!

God says to one person:

"Ask me for a miracle, and I will create it for you."

- Every day I'm driving along the Patra-Athens road. Lord, straighten this track.

God answers:

"It's too hard."

"Well, Lord, I ask for another: help me understand my wife's thoughts!"

- Eh, tell me, how many bands do you want on the road Athens-Patras: five, six? Better I'll straighten the track for you.

Even the Lord can not understand what is in the woman's head. And men, of course, sometimes think muddled, but not so. According to the word of Saint Paisius, a woman produces a microbiological analysis; she, like a needle for knitting, touches all the details. And then the man is surprised: "How do you know all this?" I did not notice anything! "

Of course, we are all not in perfect harmony with our thoughts, but if we do not work with them, it will not become better with time. We must understand what is the reason!

You can not change life, you can change your view of it

Life is what it is. It can not be changed. You can only change your way of thinking. You will put on green glasses - and everywhere you will see the gardens and meadows. Christ himself did not change the world. He changed our view of the world. And he said: "Look at the birds of the heavens and think about the love of God."

Since then, nothing has changed. We are sick, we die, we suffer, there are wars, earthquakes. Therefore, you yourself look at the world with different eyes. Your husband will not be the way you want him to be, so you better look at him differently. And your wife today, when you expect it from her, will not change, but you look at her differently. Go into the workshop of good intentions. Learn to think about the same in a different way. How?

Here is half a glass of wine. One will say: "Oh, only half a glass of wine, but half is not." Another: "Oh, half a glass of wine! Now let's drink! "Where is the truth? Here and there. The question is: how do you look at things? Do you want to look gloomy or light?

One grumbled: "What a disgrace!", And the elder Paisii did not even pay attention: he prayed. Here are two views on the same thing

Bus Ouranoupoli-Thessaloniki. Father Paisii is sitting on the bus. The driver is behind the wheel, the radio is in full swing. The driver does not pay attention, the elder Paisii prays.

Someone says:

- Immediately Elder Paisy! Turn off this outrage!

And the elder asked:

- Do not worry, music does not irritate me, I'm here, but at the same time I'm not here. I pray, and this music is like an Isoon for my prayer. I do not notice it.

One grumbled: "What a disgrace!", And the other did not even pay attention! Here are two views on the same thing.

Look at the world in the light of Christ, do not plunge into darkness

Look at the world with gratitude, in the light of Christ, as the elder Paissy said, do not sink into darkness. Cultivate in yourself good thoughts. And then all around will be to blame, except for us.

One monk changed five or six monasteries - it was all wrong for him. In one, moisture prevented him, he went away, came to another, where it was dry, but in the summer he was crazed by cicadas that disturbed his peace. He retired to another monastery. But your idea, wherever you go, you drag along! Like those who meet "other love," not realizing that love is different, and you yourself have remained the same. Do not forget about it!

So, that monk came to a new monastery, and again - crowds of pilgrims, noise, he left. I went to the elder Paisius for advice. But the old man says:

- And the bee to work honey, sits quietly in the hive, and you run. How will you make honey? How will you bear the fruit if everyone around you is to blame? The problem is not where you are, but how you are.

If you are good, you are always well. If you yourself are difficult, then put you in paradise, and you will be disturbed by a host of angels, too loud hymns, too much fragrance, too much joy.

Confused thoughts confuse life

Confused thoughts confuse life

Confused thoughts confuse life. During our conversation, the girl stood up, and I thought: "So, she does not like." And she got up to change seats or drink water. Another time the young man looked at his watch. And I thought: "Waiting will not wait, when I finish." After the conversation, he approached me, and I say:

- I so disappointed you today that you always looked at the clock?

"What are you, Father?" I looked at my watch and said to myself: "If only this conversation lasted longer!"

He said to himself: "Let not the priest finish," and I thought: "He looks at his watch to get away from here quicker." And he was tormented.

Therefore, it is worth putting thoughts into some thoughts and see if they are logical or not. Logic helps. Someone scares the upcoming flight on the plane. Someone seems that he is constantly being persecuted, disliked. Did it ever occur to you that what you think is illogical? Throw out speculation from your heart: they only exhaust you, and you exhaust others with them.

There is a way out: do not give too much importance to your problems. Take care of others, do not inflate their problems, do not talk only about them, otherwise there will be a lot of new, bad and idle conjectures.

Do not let the mind live in the past

Really what is now. All the rest is either memories of what happened, or the expectation of what will and what is not yet. I communed with my grandfather (he is already dead), who, until his death, confessed the cases from the past. He had Alzheimer's disease, and he constantly recalled the same thing: once in 1942 year (and the year was already 2005!) ... I asked him to talk about today, but he continued to live in the past. Do not allow this to your mind. We live today and now.

One monk crossed the river, and with him was another. On the shore stood a young woman - she could not cross the river on her own. She was not completely dressed. She asked the monk to help her. And the monk made the sign of the cross, took it on his back, transferred and said goodbye to her. Three hours later the monks reached the monastery. We went in, and now another monk says:

"Father, I was tortured by thoughts, as you agreed to transfer this beautiful girl to the other side." I thought about it all the way.

And the latter replied:

- I transferred it and left it there, and you brought it with your mind here and all did not part with it. For me it is not, and you are tormented.

One elderly man was dying in an old house. He was a wonderful person, with a pure soul. People gathered around him to hear what he was going to say to them. And at this time the cook in the kitchen baked a pie. And here it is asked:

"Mr. Costa, you are leaving now ... Tell us something so that we will remember you."

And before closing his eyes, he inhaled the fragrance and said:

"Ah, I'm leaving, but this pie, it smells so wonderful!"

And he died.

All were upset:

"What a pity that he did not say anything spiritual to us!"

And one says:

- He showed us the main thing: a person can see the beauty of life until the last moment. Not a word of bitterness came out of his mouth, but only joy.

Three days without empty thoughts and whining

Try the exercise: three days - or at least three hours - to live so that you do not get empty thoughts, whining, complaints. Try everything to find a good explanation, to have, according to the words of Elder Paisius, bright thoughts about everything.

Once I met in Crete with a woman, she made a huge impression on me. Her thoughts were one of gratitude and light. Her husband left her, although she was very good. But my husband did not appreciate it.

I ask her:

"Are you angry with your husband?"

- No, I'm grateful to him. We lived with him 17 years. These were the best years of my life.

No regrets, no bitterness ...

"Why did he leave you?"

- I do not know. Probably fell in love with another.

She did not get sick, did not get cancer, because experiences of this kind lead to oncology - many experiences hit the body. In general, experience is the main vector of disease.

What to do - go crazy? No. Life goes on.

- I left Manolis (Janis, Petros ...)


- Two years ago.

- And what are you doing?

- I live by thoughts.

-And he?

- I got married.

He married, and you live your thoughts! You can not live with thoughts.

To leave empty thoughts, it is important to feel that you are God's favorite child

To the exercise, about which I said, add a prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, thank you that you love me, forgive and accept what I am." To leave empty thoughts, it is important to feel that you are a beloved child of God. Because if you do not feel it, you will always be missing something. And what you lack, you will turn into a problem. Empty thoughts that destroy your life will go away when you are saturated with the love of God.

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos)
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