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The meaning of the era

The meaning of the era

August 7 2018 LJ cover – Смысл эпохи
Tags: Religion, Christianity

An organized offensive, even not, is a regular, albeit undeclared, war against the biblical man. Yes exactly. Full-scale war against the biblical man. This is the meaning of our era, as I see it.

Everyone is free to understand and name the time in which he lives.

The Age of Aquarius.


The sound of the steps of Moshiach.

"My age, my beast, / Who will be able to look into your pupils ..." And so on.

And I like this: a war against the biblical man. Every word in this phrase requires interpretation.

First, what is a "biblical man"? Speaking in the simplest language, this is the one about whom in the old song was sung: "Let there always be sun, / Let there always be heaven, / Let there always be a mother, / Let there always be me."

In other words, the biblical man believes in eternal life (always be me). He has a family (or he aspires to the family as an inevitable condition of normal life). He lives on earth under the sky. In clearly and correctly defined coordinates. Not in space, he lives, not on other planets. And it is desirable that in the ground under his feet there was no nuclear burial ground, and fuel oil from the neighboring plant was not merged into the nearest pond.

God created the world, saved from desecration by barbaric hands - once. Biblical family: father, mother, children - two. The desire for eternal life, and hence: conscience, faith, fellowship with God, repentance, sacrifice. It's three. And this is a simple extract from the term "biblical man."

Against him is just the war. Families, they say, do not need it, or instead it needs something fantastic and shameful. Conscience is not necessary. This, they say, all the reflections imposed by the society. Faith, church, prayer - all dust, nonsense, lies. The soul itself is a lie, and eternal life is nothing more than nonsense. And all that is, it's instincts, passions and despair. The whole noise of the world - from fear of silence, and this fear itself - from unbelief and the inevitable in this case deadlock.

Finally, the desperate person is left to puzzle the Earth: to cut out forests, to spill wells, to disperse the beast, to corrode the fish. Then it will remain to dream only about intergalactic wanderings, for what it is necessary to smoke something.

This is the picture. She was drawn for a long time and was not finished yet.

To drag us all to places where everything will only worsen, there is not enough personal sin alone

To drag us all to where everything is only aggravated, there is not enough personal sin alone. Few personal weaknesses and filths of individuals. What is necessary?

It is necessary to saddle the small streams of personal sins and channel them into a single channel. You need to manage the process. This is a planned war. There are bandit assaults and hooligan antics. And it's scary, unpleasant, dangerous, but it's not a war.

War is a hierarchically structured army. These are stocks, supplies and food. This is the headquarters analyst and intelligence on the ground. These are subversive groups in the rear. This is information support for the campaign. These are distracting maneuvers and false blows for the sake of concentration of forces on the main directions. It's a lot of trained people receiving orders from one center. And this is a very well-coordinated activity not for the sake of "spitting", but for the sake of "destroying". It is this kind of war that is being waged against a little biblical little man who just wants to have a mother always, and frowns while looking at the sun.

The organized war is led by empires.

It is not necessary to think that in this case we are talking about the Ottoman Empire or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It's not about the throne, not about the nobles, not about the court ceremonial. The modern above-mentioned war is led by special empires: pharmaceutical, for example. They can and travanut, whom you want, and experiments put on the inhabitants of the third world. And to fight with them is even more difficult than with the Ottoman Empire during it.

It is, without a doubt, a media empire. That's who washes the brains with a chlorine solution to billions of people! That's who, like the trolls from Andersen's fairy tale, small splinters of demonic glasses throw people in the eye for the curving of the general picture of the world. Creators of fantasies, servants of gray cardinals, silent about the main thing and screamers about crap, they make up a huge and best part of the evil army. "Where is my Cain print?" - shouted Cain XVIII in the play of Schwartz. He was immediately brought the state seal, which printed orders. "Not this!" Cried Cain XVIII. - "I'm talking about the press!" And then the newsmen came running, for in certain cases they are the real Cain press.

There are also empires producing products that can not be eaten.

There are empires that sell internal organs yesterday, yesterday, alive, and today a deceased person. Their colleagues at this time turn the next uncle into an aunt or vice versa.

There are empires that propagate a new morality, that is, a kind of universal copulation, indiscriminately sex and age, and, even more frightfully, without remorse. And drug barons are, and the owners of porn-empires are.

Oh, how many of these empires! And they all act in the same spirit, as if agreeing. There is, of course, a place for the military component. This is when bombed and dismembered in parts of the country that disagree with the pictures of the BBC or CNN, with the advice of the IMF, but do not have adequate forces to protect. But this is the last point. It is much better (more durable, more reliable, quieter) to corrupt people, to enslave them with credit Talmudism, to turn around in vanity, to take them away from faith.

And it is absolutely impossible for an individual to resist this process. You can, believing in a kindergarten of democratic procedures, wave with banners (if this is not a parade of homosexuals, you and TV can not show, because you are not in a trend). You can fill up with papers of plaintive letters any high organizations. Life will pass until you are heard and told: "Call tomorrow." You can do anything that is in the power of a small person. But this is just as effective as the cry of the ensign "Stop! One-two "to the speed of the train.

A Biblical man can only make complaints and requests to his biblical God. The epoch has already decided: either the little man will agree to any kind of household Satanism, or it will be erased.

That's why we want Russia to be an empire. The empire is not Xerxes, as V. Solovyov wrote, but of Christ. We want this because no one can fight alone. Alone, you can only escape. But where? And how will the runaway live if a person has been torn from nature for a long time, forgot how to live in it and understand it, if both the forest and the mountains became hostile to him. Accustomed to comfort and convenience, a person became incapable of radical flight, which was performed by people like St. Sergius, St. Seraphim, Simeon Stylites ...

Forced, weakly staying inside the hostile civilization, man is a hostage. The hostage of education, which corrupts, but does not teach; television, which tupit, and not inform, etc. Then it is precisely the empire that protects the values ​​of the biblical person. The empire is big, the empire is strong and self-sufficient, containing many nations, consciously defending the biblical view of the world. The Muslims will say: "We agree" - the Jews, in theory, too. Although I do not know what the Jews will say. For all Muslims, too, I will not sign. And for my fellow tribesmen sitting on grants, I will not give a hand to cut-off. And in many officials of different links I strongly doubt. Metastases are far gone. But the very idea, if you discard the "sleeping" and sold out, dull and corrupted in the edge, the idea itself is beautiful. This is the national idea of ​​Russia in the 21st century!

To be a self-sufficient, strong empire, capable and willing to defend the biblical view of the world against a variety of infernal challenges, suicidal for the common man. To be on the side of delicious bread and clear sky, childish laughter and the name of God; on the side of a worthy life and quiet death in the hope of resurrection. Without cremation and cryonics, but with the Sacrament before death.

With all the weaknesses of Russia and with all reservations, I personally do not see anyone else for this role.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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