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FM-2018: Englishmen break into a good pendale in Russia

FM-2018: Englishmen break into a good pendale in Russia

July 6 2018 LJ cover – ЧМ-2018: Англичане нарываются в России на хороший пендель
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The British take our hospitality for weakness

The Football World Cup in Russia is already named the most friendly in history. The atmosphere of the holiday was created mainly by South Americans: Mexicans, Peruvians, Argentines, Colombians, Brazilians and a little Uruguayans. But all these teams, with the exception of Brazil and Uruguay, have already departed, their fans either left or are going home. Festive crowds in the streets of Russian cities thinned out. Now the British began to come to the fore. And as usual for the British, they are remembered primarily as hooligan and boorish antics. Especially the "gentlemen" and "sirs" distinguished themselves before and after the match 1 / 8 finals with Columbia, in which Her Majesty's subjects managed to snatch victory in the penalty shootout - 1: 1 (4: 3).

You can paint a monument to Cherenkov, but Bobby Moore?

At once we will specify. The incidents do not yet have a universal scale, and they could be called "production costs", since no event of this scale is perfect.

However, it seems that the frightened by their media and the events of two years ago at the European Championships-2016 in Marseilles (when a couple of hundred Russians dispersed thousands of Britons), the British, who arrived in a record small number (two thousand people), seeing loyalty from the police, hospitality stewards and ordinary people, begin to behave as they used to outside of the Foggy Albion - like cattle.

So, in Tushino, where a monument to the legendary football player of "Spartak" and the national team of Fedor Cherenkov was installed, gnarled letters on the bronze chest were "ENGLAND"

Already an hour after the final whistle, an Englishman, 20-year-old admirer of the Arsenal of London, Rufus Hall, apologized to the camera:

- I'm very ashamed, I'm sorry if my act offended someone. I did not know what this monument means, just wanted to leave a memory of my stay.

As far as we know, he was fined three thousand rubles. The inscription was washed. They say it was washed by other English fans, who later claimed that they were very ashamed of this man, who disgraced their country.

The British Embassy in Russia formally responded to this incident with the following:

- The position that we repeatedly expressed, and also noted in our Travel Advice, is that all the fans of the United Kingdom are good guests in Russia, and also respect local traditions and laws. The issues of sanctions for this fan are not in the competence of the British Embassy in Moscow and refer to the law enforcement agencies of Russia and the UK.

Condemned the act of the vandal and the famous English writer, the author of several besstellerov about English football fans Dougie Brimson:

- Rufus cast a shadow on the English fans, so I can only ask for forgiveness on behalf of our country. It's very good that this fan was quickly caught and explained why it is not worth writing anything on the monuments. Not only in Russia, but anywhere in the world.

If a Russian desecrated a monument from an English stadium (and we have a lot of such sculptures), then the reaction of the English would be the same as you now have: anger, anger, resentment. Which is quite fair, because it is not a fence around your country house. But I want to note that in the current situation, English fans are enraged by this guy's act. Nobody supports him. Everyone has a common opinion: a man has failed his compatriots, his state.

What now to do with the guilty fan? This is, of course, decided by the Russian authorities, and I heard that he was fined three thousand rubles. But if they asked me to come up with a punishment, I would have made him wash the monument in the sight of all the cameras of Russian television. And right after that Rufus would be thrown out of the country ...

For England (FM-2018 - avt) is a great event, but I'm very sorry that so few of our fans are watching the success of the team from the stands of the stadiums. I personally know many Britons who were going to visit the World Cup, but bought into the false press publications. The fans are very angry with the media because they understand: everything is fine in Russia now, and the press actually deprived people of an amazing journey.

The British colleague got to the point. Imagine a situation if some Russian fan would have made the inscription "Russia" on the monument to the "golden" captain of the "Three Lions" Bobby Moore, who is installed at the Wembley Stadium? And if caught, he would say that he "just wanted to leave a memory of his stay"? For sure there would be tons of articles about "Russian barbarians" who do not know how to behave in "civilized Europe" and "good old England". There would be calls to expel all of the country, introduce different boycotts and so on, and so on.

The broken nose of the Colombian and the "fake" in the arenas

Immediately after the match England - Columbia in the metro "subway" on the Tagansko-Krasnopresenskaya line (on which the stadium "Spartak" is located), there was a fight between the British and the Colombians.

The reason was that celebrating the victory, one of the British stepped on the flag of the Colombian, and when the South American was indignant, he was punched in the nose. This video is sold out by different sources.

The police intervened and detained a couple of Colombians and Englishmen at one of the stations. The Colombians were released, and one of the British will be deprived of the passport of the fan and sent home.

Drunken Englishmen scolded the Colombians even during the match.

And it's not just a game in Tushino. That's what the "SP" was informed by the fan from Volgograd, Alexei Matveyev:

- I went to the match England - Tunisia with 7-year-old granddaughter. She even painted a British flag on her cheeks. We sat near the English sector. In the beginning of the match they sang well and beautifully. And at first the stadium was mostly worried about them. But then everything changed. Their sectors demonstratively did not support the "launch of the wave" and showed the stands "fake". And they did it so openly and contemptuously that my granddaughter erased the flag from the cheek and we began to root for Tunisia, like the entire Russian-speaking part of the stadium.

Provoke and depict victims - the essence of the British

Let us return to the apologies that came from the man who defiled the monument to Cherenkov. They say that he sincerely repents.

Certainly repent and those who "uhal" black Colombians in the announcement of trains, those who drunkenly tore Latinos and arranged night brawls in the subway. But where are you, "principled" English media? Why are you silent?

However, I understand - to appeal to them is useless. Moreover, the most popular The Sun came out on the day of the 1 / 8 match with an offensive, racist cover. Like, Colombia gave the world Shakira and cocaine. Cocaine is hidden under the call of Go Kane! It would seem that there is nothing to complain about, but everyone understood the meaning.

It's very English. The fans also act like that. They say that we do not want problems and we like it in Russia. And then - the middle finger after and paint on the monument.

Football fans are not angels around the world, but there are boundaries that even they do not pass. There are rules and principles. And this is observed even by fans of clubs - competitors. Fans of CSKA, "Zenith", "Dynamo" did not touch Cherenkov - this thought never occurred to anyone. And if I had come, I would have punished my own. Despite the fact that they are the worst enemies of Spartak fans.

And here - the chosen nation. "Royal blood". "Gentlemen" ...

England is still playing at the tournament. In Samara there will be a quarterfinal against Sweden. And then, if everything goes well for the Southgate team, the semifinal in the Luzhniki Stadium. And we will be visited by new English fans who already know that there is nothing terrible in Russia, that they want the least problems here, and that means that you can play a little bit. But where are these pranks going?

Paradox. The English were frightened by drunk Russian fans, but stupid English drunk. They talked about racism, and here it is in the English sector and in the English newspaper. They warned against fights, but the Englishmen waved their fists in the subway. And if our people can not stand it and give them a "second Marseilles"? God forbid, of course. But all the big problems in major football forums are due to the fault of British fans. And already for many decades. And not only with Russians. This can be told, Turks and French, Moroccans and Algerians, Italians and Colombians. True, more often than not, the British for this rake, and then "let the snot" to the whole world.

Probably, it will be better if the Swedes beat them. With the Vikings, and we'll have a beer and sing songs, and there will be no problems. And it's a pity that Colombia is leaving. One accurate blow in the penalty shoot-out was not enough to get rid of the superfluous headache in the world championship in the form of Shakespeare's descendants.

Dmitry Svetlov
Free Press
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