Today: March 26 2019
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The world order 2018. The film about Vladimir Putin

The world order 2018. The film about Vladimir Putin

March 7 2018 LJ cover – Миропорядок 2018. Фильм про Владимира Путина
Tags: Russia, Putin, Politics

The network has a new film by Vladimir Soloviev about Putin.

On the pages of Vladimir Solovyovv social networks "VKontakte" and "Classmates" appeared a film about Vladimir Putin. It was called the "World order 2018", although it was mentioned in the teasers as the "New World Order".

Solovyov himself on Twitter said that the "New World Order" will be released on television, but after the elections. Shahidi specified that the TV channel "Russia 1" will show the picture.

Based on an interview with Putin, the film is an hour and a half. Previously, Soloviev had already filmed the tape about the president. In 2015, the film "The President" and the film "The World Order" timed to coincide with the 15 anniversary of Vladimir Putin's stay in power.

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