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Three reasons for Putin's popularity in the West are named

Three reasons for Putin's popularity in the West are named

August 29 2018 | A source: LOOK |Author: Alina Nazarova
Tags: Putin, Russia, West

The Austrian edition of Der Standard published an article about why Russian President Vladimir Putin is very popular among representatives of different political views in Western countries.

In particular, the author of the article notes that the Russian leader is popular in the Austrian Freedom Party, "Alternative for Germany" and "National Front". In addition, before the accusations of Moscow's "interference" in the US elections, Putin had a high rating among American Republicans.

Der Standard identifies three main reasons for Putin's popularity in the West.

First of all, the newspaper notes, the Russian leader supports traditional values, in particular, ideas about masculinity and family. He also insists on observing order in the world, which "plunges into ever greater chaos".

Secondly, Putin acts as an opponent of the hegemony of the West in the public, military and economic spheres and does not support the propaganda of homosexuality, feminism, NATO, hegemony of the dollar. Thus, the Russian president opposes himself to the universal opinion that liberalism should determine the world order, RIA Novosti reports.

And finally, thirdly, the Austrian journalists are assured, Putin's supporters admire the personal qualities of the Russian president. The publication emphasizes that Putin is a very nice person, he is characterized by self-irony, wit and modesty.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin was included in the 100 list of the most influential people in the world, according to Time magazine.

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