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US sanctions mean the end of comprador capitalism in Russia

US sanctions mean the end of comprador capitalism in Russia

August 12 2018 | A source: A REGNUM |Автор: Александр Халдей
Tags: Russia, the USA, Sanctions, Economy, Analytics

A new round of the Cold War between Russia and the United States leads to fundamental changes in the Russian financial and political system.

The US is preparing a new package of sanctions aimed not only against Russian banks, corporations, businessmen, but also against those who conduct business with them. A complete list of Russian companies is in print, and I do not want to retell for the hundredth time what everyone already knows almost by heart: the names of companies and the names of people. The main thing is that they are cut off from dollar payments, including settlements on Russian government bonds.

For top managers of these companies the life of Lafa in two countries ended in disaster. Poor Gref in vain for so many years showed loyalty to his neighbors in the country, not recognizing the Crimea. Did not help. They threw Gref out of his bank with the American market and did not see that they threw away a deeply committed person.

The Russian financial system, the core of which was linked to the dollar, received a death blow. And the question is not whether they will take such sanctions or soften them - these will not be accepted now, others will take tomorrow, the point is not this. The ax is suspended, and it will certainly fall on the heads of our liberals. They will be squeezed, twisting the grip more and pushing Trump harder. Trump is very weak, despite the popularity ratings.

The establishment of the United States devours even popular presidents. If Trump survives the November midterm elections in Congress, he will not likely win the presidential election with a high probability. The second time the "deep state" will not allow this mistake. And then the successor will finish everything that Trump does not finish. Russia is waiting for complete financial isolation with a ban on the import of modern equipment and the export of oil and gas. There are medicines and products ahead. Anyone who does not believe in this does not understand what is happening.

How strong is the shock in the Russian elites from what is happening, shows the performance of Peskov. This is like the beginning of the Patriotic War: everyone was waiting for her, and when they started, they did not believe. They thought it was a provocation. It turned out - the war. Do you remember our military doctrines? "In a strange land and little blood! From the taiga to the British seas, the Red Army is stronger! "In life, it turned out somewhat differently. And only because sobering happened quickly, the enemy was stopped near Moscow in six months.

Sands - Molotov of our time. He cautiously expressed in the sense that we do not yet see the subject for conversation. Say, while in the US someone really spoke out for some sanctions. There will be an official decision - then we'll talk. And he added something that should calm everyone: "Russia's financial system is fairly stable, it is well known to everyone. It has proved its stability in quite difficult times. Against the background of the continuing unpredictability of our overseas partners, of course, we must also keep our financial system in good condition. It is obvious". It would have been better if he had said another, quite simple idea - that Russia would adequately repel all attacks on its financial system.

Dmitry Peskov

Because the tense optimism does not bring peace. What financial stability, when RUBL RUHNUL ONLY FROM EXPECTATION OF SANCTIONS? Only from rumors about their approach? There is nothing yet, only talks with vague prospects - and the ruble on the currency exchange has already fallen. Speculators that dominate the exchange and hold this market, began to massively withdraw from the ruble assets.

Sands is not Putin, and everything he says outside direct quoting, he speaks on his own. This is his interpretation and his arguments. Everyone understands that the financial system was stable until they were seriously beaten by it. "Uneasy times," which Peskov speaks of, were in fact quite simple - compared to those times that are coming. Now we are facing not just a total war. We are threatened with an invasion. Or are there those who do not understand this?

Sanctions are just a fragment of a mosaic. Background. What is depicted on this background is drawn by others. Ex-head of the CIA in the US - a character far from the role of Zhirinovsky in Russia. He is not a fighter for originality. Its task is to voice some intentions of the ruling class in the US. The former head of the CIA, Michael Morell, called for an "orange" revolution in Russia, following the example of Ukraine. It should be provoked by anti-Russian economic sanctions, which the Congress hastens to take.

Everything is extremely open: sanctions will be imposed on pension reform and higher taxes and prices - and people will take to the streets. Unpopular reforms are a consequence of sanctions, so we must continue. All sanctions since the time of Obama are aimed at raising the middle class to an uprising, and Morell is sure that this is what Putin is most afraid of. He writes about it in the newspaper The Washington Post in the article "Putin is afraid of one. Let's make him think that this can happen. " The uprising in Russia will be followed by an invasion. Intervention always follows the revolution.

That is, the US openly uses the existing financial system in Russia to organize a coup d'état. All other channels for them are chopped off. Assurances that our financial system is reliable is an attempt to hide the confusion from understanding how unreliable it is. But if Putin does not say it directly through the lips of Peskov, it does not mean that he does not see it and does not take measures.

Meeting against the pension reform on Sakharov

The first step was the creation of a MIR payment system and an analogue of the SWIFT system. The second is a sharp drop of 85% of US bonds. The third step will be the transition to a step-by-step nationalization of the financial system - a measure that is absolutely compelled and obvious, which will be avoided talking aloud.

I recently wrote that the main feature of the Soviet budget was that it was formed as a result of the seizure of a free undistributed balance of profit that arose after the distribution of the planned profits of enterprises by funds, according to established standards. Thanks to this system, the Soviet budget dragged not only the USSR and its republics, but half the world of vassals and allies. And the USSR burst not because it was torn financially, but because the party secretary wanted privatization. So we would still live in this system today.

The Soviet financial system was really very stable, because it was shielded from the influence of the West's sabotage. The USSR has always lived its entire history in sanctions, but no one has ever felt it. The current sanctions are immediately felt on themselves - fluctuations in the ruble cause price jumps and the risk of bank failures. The country's budget is dependent on revenues from the export of raw materials and the sale of Russian bonds. It is not right to think that sanctions will only be punished by the pocket of bankers and top managers. They will strike, but according to what was called the "national economy" in the USSR, they will hit no less. Too we are dependent on imports and on the dollar.

I write this to the effect that we have already made the third step towards transferring to the budget an analogue of the Soviet free residual of profit. The state will take 500 billion from the metallurgical and chemical business to the state budget. Just like that, without any taxes. Presidential Adviser Andrei Belousov wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin, in which he pointed out that in the metallurgy and chemistry for 2017 year, superprofits that arose because of the price conjuncture, and not as a result of the actions of the company's management. The conjuncture excess over the average price was 20,8%. Since the oil workers are seized in the budget superannuation in the form of rent, then why not do this with metallurgists and chemists? Putin agreed and on the letter Belousov put the resolution "I agree." This is already a socialist redistribution of the profits of private capitalist enterprises by the state. NEP in its pure form.

Liberals are sad - it's not good, they say, not in our way, not in a market way. Shareholders will receive less dividends. But what dividends can there be now, when the country is at war?

You can take money from the enterprises under different sauces. It is possible, as in the USSR, in the form of seizure of the free remnant of profit, it is possible, as in many capitalist countries during the war, - the state comes in and seizes everything that it needs. In war, the country, one way or another, stands on the rails of the principles of socialism. This is primarily the principle of priority of national goals over personal ones. Liberals in the war are suspended from power and, if necessary, property. While they were removed from part of the profits in the two industries. If you need to - nationalize.

However, we will return to our banks. Those who have been cut off from the dollar - or threatened to cut off with a high probability of this event. Sooner or later, but it will happen, and no one has any doubts here, except for the liberals themselves.

In the well-known film "Liberation" in the end, there is the question: "What did fascism bring to the world?" We should just ask ourselves: "What brought liberalism to Russia?".

He brought soul and body to the loyal Russian elite. Which has to be bribed by the possibility of corruption enrichment to prevent its open appearance on the side of the enemy. But this bribery did not turn the compradors from Russia's enemies into friends. They abstain from rebellion, but how they hated Russia, and they hate it. The problem is that they reproduce themselves, having seized control in the sphere of education, training and placement of personnel in the economy and propaganda.

Liberalism brought Russia dependence on the purchase of oil and gas production technologies. Raw materials elite despises machine building. Controlling raw materials and finance, she buys equipment in the West, sharing with him part of the national resources for access to technology. And they take loans in the West. And their families are there. And the companies are transferred to their jurisdiction. They believe that the elite of the West will be so closely tied to themselves that, we say, we not only share in oil and gas, but we will use your money, and your engineering will support us without our need.


Assumptions that they thus bought agents of influence for themselves, collapsed like a dream, under the sobering wind of the first sanctions. The West easily threw out its partners yesterday, as they thought about themselves. They are not partners for the West, but for the Papuans, who, for glass beads, will show where the gold lies.

Liberalism has made Russia dependent on the supply of equipment to the military space industry. This is as serious as giving the keys to our missile silos to the Pentagon. The dependence is reduced, but it has become so great that it is not possible to get rid of it yet. Nevertheless, our corporations and key banks have somehow gotten caught up in the schemes of pumping money through the United States. What do our enterprises make in the US? What do they keep offshore? Why should they? How are our system-forming banks participating in this? As we learned recently, Roskosmos is stealing truly with a cosmic scale, and not only money, but also components are bought from the main enemy. And for so long that during this time, not only import substitution, but also from scratch to build the entire space industry if desired, it was possible.

But until the thunder of sanctions broke out, no one crossed himself. Missiles on dual technologies from the US and components from China - this is not your civil airliner Superjet, consisting of 80% of Western components. This is not stupid - it's treason. And no matter how trying the Ministry of Industry to get out of this trap, the liberal financial model of Russia does not allow quickly maneuver resources. This cut the factories into scrap metal in the "holy" 90-e was easy. Build new on the destroyed technical and personnel base just as quickly will not work. In the budget formed within the liberal paradigm, there will never be money for this in the right amount. This is when our oil companies with gas companies are financially suffering, the whole state comes to their aid. Machine builders are so unlucky in life.

The most humiliating thing is that all these liberals are doing with the country, the first in the world to fly into space in just 12 years after the end of the most terrible war. That is, there were also oil drilling technologies, and their own science and turbines for the CHP themselves did, and components for missiles, and in the US defense plants did not graze like sheep in a foreign field.

But the pleasure should be expensive. You have not forgotten that our whole country is flying on Boeing and Airbus? How did this happen in the largest ever aircraft-building country? How now to buy spare parts for imported aircraft, if calculations in dollars to us in the US will be banned? How to lease new aircraft? On what to fly in the country will be? We have a country in six time zones. All airplanes Liberals successfully killed. All that Putin can now is administrative measures to support the Ilya and the Tushki, giving them orders from the Ministry of Defense and helping to piece things out.

But the unit passenger airplanes are unprofitable and will always lose to foreigners who have just been presented with our market. The reason is the same - the possibility of kickbacks, corruption, unwillingness to fool yourself with our production. And all legal financial instruments for this exist. Although we have long had aircraft engines much quieter and more economical than in the West.


The newspaper "Arguments of the Week" for years writes about the bitter fate of our aircraft engine NK-93, which has no analogues in the world and which at all exhibitions is always carefully hidden from Putin somewhere in the distant hangars. The reason is simple - it is cheap. It is more profitable to put completely imported products on the Superjet. The new airliner became a laundry for laundering colossal budget money. Our aircraft, already ready for production, were deliberately stabbed. The scheme is simple: money from the budget - contract with foreigners - payment - rollback. Minimum of persons, maximum benefit. Your bank, as your doctor and your lawyer, is always at hand. The way from the budget to the offshore is the shortest. What will happen now with the Superjet is unknown. Since there the lion's share of components is borne by the French, it is logical for the Superjet to wait for the fate of the Mistrals after a new package of sanctions. Or at least interruptions in supply.

It is clear that no matter how difficult the costs of American sanctions are for a country, Russian financiers will not give up the government for nothing. They will go all out to prove that their fate is the fate of Russia, and their death is the death of Russia. And so we must first save them, and then Russia. We have seen this many times and will see it again as many times.

From the introduction of sanctions our largest industries will suffer - oil, gas, aviation and rocketry. Probably touch shipbuilding. Machines in China can be bought, but technology is no longer possible. China itself buys technology in America. So we are waiting for difficult times.

In general, it serves right. We must have our own, and do not walk around the world with an outstretched hand and shoot someone else's cigarettes, ask for other people's money and other people's ideas. It is clear that our liberals at least spit in their eyes - they are all God's dew, they can give out any need for virtue. But we can not help but see that the objective course of events in the form of an acute competitive struggle between American capitalism and Russia leads to the fact that in Russia the fodder base of the comprador liberal pro-Western bourgeoisie is being destroyed.

America by its sanctions directly pushes Russia, even from colonial peripheral capitalism. The mixture of capitalism and socialism that will emerge in Russia as a result of American sanctions will be a completely different system with completely different elites whose hatred and mistrust of everything Anglo-Saxon will be inherited through genes. And the love of a colleague for foreigners will be understood as a signal "stranger!". The Russian new elite will be acutely Anglo-American and American. Every action generates opposition. Sanctions will destroy in Russia the liberal intelligentsia and the liberal business elite. First of all, the liberal financial system will erode.

As China under the socialist slogans builds capitalism with Chinese characteristics, so Russia under liberal slogans will begin to build state capitalism with a large socialist component - with Russian specifics. And this is not a matter of taste, it is a conscious necessity. Otherwise, just do not survive. The foundations of the new system will be laid by Vladimir Putin in the process of fighting for the execution of the May decrees in conditions of acute geopolitical tensions.

The liberal rhetoric of the authorities should not be paid any attention - this is the cover-up rhetoric. An ordinary smoke screen to appease those who will be gradually removed from power and property. Whether they want it or not, Russia has already embarked on this path and will not be able to leave it. The collapse of liberalism in the form of its financial system is inevitable, and in the coming years it will be gradually dismantled and changed. The global crisis with its splashes will only help. The trend is marked and can only change speed, but not direction. They will proceed from the reality that our enemies will create for us.

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