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Shoigu promised the Italians to obstruct the "neocolonial strategy" of the United States

Shoigu promised the Italians to obstruct the "neocolonial strategy" of the United States

July 11 2018 LJ cover – Шойгу пообещал итальянцам препятствовать «неоколониальной стратегии» США
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Moscow will always hamper the neocolonial strategy of Washington, which seeks to weaken legitimate governments in other countries, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in an interview with the Italian edition of Il Giornale.

"This is a strategy of neo-colonialism, which the US has already tested in Iraq and Libya and which is to support any, even the wildest, ideologies to weaken legitimate governments," the minister said, Tass reports.

According to him, Russia, "advocating equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with any countries within the framework of the concept of a multipolar world, will always be an obstacle to the implementation of such" strategies ".

The minister explained that the main stages of the neocolonial strategy are the weakening of the legal leadership, the staging of the use of weapons of mass destruction or humanitarian disasters, the use of military force to create "controlled chaos." All this, he said, creates "free conditions" for pumping transnational corporations of existing assets into the US economy.

Shoigu stressed that tensions in relations between Russia and the United States were fueled by those elites of the United States, for whom the world is divided into "American" and "wrong", RIA Novosti reports.

"From the American side, we often hear that the crisis in bilateral relations is caused by the allegedly aggressive actions of Russia in the international arena. However, we are deeply convinced that the tension in our relations has been artificially created all those years by those American elites who are convinced that the world is divided into "American" and "wrong," Shoigu said.

The Defense Minister recalled that "it is the US that in recent years unilaterally tore down the key agreements that make up the backbone of global security." "Contrary to the promises given to the Soviet leadership during the unification of Germany, Washington initiated the expansion of NATO eastward to our borders," Shoigu noted.

The minister added that he "as the president of the Russian Geographical Society, has long wanted to give the American colleagues a globe so that they looked at it and explained to us why the" opponents of America "declared by them are in the Middle and Far East, and all their military bases and groups huddle to the borders of Russia. "

According to him, the restoring power of Russia in the West is perceived not as an ally, but as a threat to US domination. "We are accused of some aggressive plans towards the West, which continues to draw new forces to our borders," he said.

As an example of such unfriendly actions, Shoigu cited the June decision of the NATO Council to create two new commands responsible for protecting maritime communications and ensuring the rapid transfer of American troops from the United States to Europe, as well as increasing the contingent of the alliance in the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland with 2 to 15 thousand people with the ability to quickly build up the grouping to 60 thousand troops.

Alina Nazarova
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