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Let's talk…

Let's talk…

July 30 2018 LJ cover – Давай поговорим…

Let's talk, about what all life were silent
In grief
Or in joy, but together,
When the groom said to his bride that he loves,
Under the bell ringing.
Let's say that they did not tell us,
Living sometimes in the kitchen, and not in the hall,
Forgetting that we are a family:
Both you and me.
When at times you can cook scrambled eggs
And you will not utter a word,
And I'm sitting, a newspaper rustling
And I'm waiting for breakfast slowly.
In silence, without reproach
We are so sometimes capricious.
And we will not share a word with each other,
Only because we have been married for a long time,
Already for ten years living,
So without knowing
Nothing that lives in the depths of the soul,
Rest does not give.
Filled with life and work,
Forgetting mutual care
And living years simply out of habit,
Burning, like simple matches,
Only flashes that do not become heat.
What is not burnt, just under the bridge.
Let's talk, as in the first day of dating,
When they knew how to enjoy the sun,
When the crown did not yet await us both,
Which was the beginning, not the end.
When we said: - How are you?
And this was the heart and the flowers.
Care, warmth, love,
Non-cooling blood,
So disturbing thoughts,
And without a dirty trick, and without meaning.
And sincerely, as in the spirit ...
It was all on hearing ...
All this was. But what has changed?
Everything in my memory was blurred
Ordinary life and ordinary speech,
And my shoulders fell,
Hiding, data from birth wings,
To love to bask, not dust.
Let's talk.
I'll postpone the newspaper, your breakfast is unique!
Fried eggs - only three eggs,
It's not important, but beautiful features,
Who once admired,
Eyes were lured.
And lips, a gentle speech, a clever word
Made me insane
And in love,
You are inspired.
We saw our hearts
And they hugged each other endlessly,
And they kissed, quenching the thirst for passion,
And we were in power
Each other. And those days of age,
When God made man out of two hearts!
Let's talk…

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