Today: March 26 2019
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And again the day!

And again the day!

July 14 2018 LJ cover – И снова день!

And again the day, and again the new dreams,
And again with God I'm on "you".
And again I can light a candle-
I so want.
And to pray,
To keep my mind going
And do not come true
The one that should have happened.
And a new joy of communion,
As an inspiration,
As the dawn,
When you are waiting for the answer.
Which, with the first rays
Already with us.
And with gratitude you meet the day,
Forgetting about the night and its shadow,
Returning from the valley of dreams
And tears.
And now I can hear Father
He says to me: - Yunets!
Today again you were born in the morning,
He crossed himself.
And with the thought of fresh,
Do not be ignorant,
In the shower with hope,
Before God naked, but in clothes.
And with a pure soul,
The whole world is in front of you!
Friends of conversation, conversations
And disputes,
Where are you, full of patience,
Meek and Conscious,
From the dispute, go out with knowledge.
Listening to every passerby,
So on you today unlike.
And rejoicing that someone met,
I noticed,
What is not in vain you go on the road,
Experiencing the unknownness of anxiety.
But filling this day,
Divine Fire
And patience!
And again the day the baby in my life
Comes sincerely, without reproach
About the day yesterday,
Maybe it's scary.
But the past ...
Thank God, did not reach.
Everything in the prayers is new!

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