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July 21 2018 LJ cover – Коротко

If you planted a grain of wheat, why wait for the bananas to grow?

If someone is bad near you, will it be better for someone who lives away from you?

Remember the old saying: what do you sow, you'll reap?


A neighbor always barked loudly at the neighbor's dog. At first it was very irritating. But, when I heard my neighbor "barks", it calmed down.


Ever since childhood, I remember teddybirds on a bicycle, cats performing different tricks, lions and tigers ...

And I always thought, why? Why do people teach all this animals?
One day, looking into the tiger's eyes and reading them - idiots.


I heard a conversation between two passers-by.

– Ну как отдохнул в Испании?

Yes, what a holiday ?! Boohl all ten days!

A happy man, I thought, he does not need rest, but he does not have enough time to swell.


Why is the new year called new? Not because he is next in your life. And because the Lord hopes that you will live it in a new way, without the sins that were in the past.


The sky is in the clouds today. Someone scattered snow-white pillows on the sky-blue bed and calls-take a rest.


Increasingly, there are people who always and in everything are to blame. Somebody. Not they. Sometimes it seems to me that when they discuss the issue of their birth, they will also find the guilty.


Imaginary sympathy, like "crocodile tears." There is nothing in it except hypocrisy, pride and farce.

(Crocodile tears are a phraseology that is present in many languages ​​and means a false, insincere expression of emotion, mock crying.)


A person sometimes amazes with his conversations. In one village I heard old women talk. They for some reason began to remember who from their village in prison is sitting and for what.

One says:

– Ванька- вор, сволочь уже скоро освобождается, мало ему срок дали, надо было побольше…

And then they remembered another character in their village, who had killed his companion by drunk and began to say with regret that he felt sorry for him, that he had been given a very long time ...

Our amazing people ...


You heard a joke that you went into the forest and heard the cuckoo, you can ask her how old you are to live?

I went into the forest, wandered a long time and did not hear a single cuckoo.

They seemed to be silent, so as not to upset me ...


You will never regret that you have kept a cry, anger and anger. Thus you will keep in the soul of love.


He remembered how he once visited a neighbor. At home was a neighbor, his daughter and son-in-law. And two more healthy cats that always wanted to eat.

And so my neighbor's wife came home, and from the doorway, paying no attention to anyone, she started yelling:

– Сволочи! Сидите, ничего не делаете!

And when suddenly he saw his healthy cats, he said in such a gentle voice:

– Котики мои сладкие и покормить- то вас некому.

She pulled a healthy chicken carcass out of her bag and, tearing it in half, threw the cats to be eaten.

"Eat, my good ones!"

She did not pay much attention to us ...

As they say, "love our smaller brothers!"


Small spool but precious. The way is a spoon for dinner. Lunch is stripped with a friend. It would be better not to have such friends and enemies. Supper give the enemy.


Seeing the sun over the horizon, you will have to look back if you want to see it again.

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