Today: March 23 2019
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19 2018 June LJ cover – Мне бы…

I would like to say
Do not get messy
In the comments, as sometimes.
I would like to give my best,
If it happens,
So that you do not abuse, as always.
Thought to share
And you do not steal
From trying to tilt you.
Flattery is not in the rules,
Not by the rules
In the void only pour water.
Share it,
A peaceful bird,
In a word, to fly into the head.
Instead, go back online.
Comments -
Arias' anger,
The pages sound monotonous.
I will not be affected -
Will not settle
In the general chorus is what they are silent about. We touch the word,
To repent.
We write phrases to open the soul.
Someone is amusing himself,
Thought is itching.
He hears the truth, but wants to howl.
I'm not writing,
Only heard:
Is not it time you shut up?
What are you puffing about?
This izzytsya?
In a word, the truth is no longer conceived.

It does not seem to me,
Sense is not smeared.
And around not words, but screams.
Blood does not warm up
And it will blow,
Above the expensive silence, the old man ...

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