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Flimsy from reading

Flimsy from reading

August 9 2018 LJ cover – Надуманное из прочитанного

I once was asked how old I am? And I answered:

- I was born!


Someone said:

It does not matter how you fell. It is important how you live on.


I would say this:

It does not matter how you fell. It's important that you do not get busted immediately.


Sometimes it seems to me that a small group of "sick" people wants to infect the whole world. And the most interesting is that they succeed.


He lived for many years. The world is changing, people are not.

Having seen a bad person in another company, people decide that the whole company is bad. Seeing how a person stumbled, committed a sin, people want to trample in the dirt of everyone and everyone around him.

People do not change. People have given themselves the right to judge, judge and reason as their pride tells them.

And along with pride there is always a lot of hypocrisy. And you see how people with "pain" in the heart worry about cats and dogs, for birds and turtles. How indignant they are that the whole world was clogged with cellophane bags and plastic products. And these same people with the same fury in the heart gave themselves the right to condemn all those who are around them, laying out posts and comments full of tongue-tied, sometimes vulgar words, calling it their opinion.

Where does the kindness and sympathy that was to nature and animals suddenly disappear? Why such mutual anger that filled the Internet? Whence came the right to judge those whom we should love and forgive, whom we do not even know personally-people?

The world is changing. People - no!


It is possible not to love the priest, because he acted badly. You can condemn the priest if he acted badly. But why can you not so much like your own Faith, just because the priest turned out to be a scoundrel?

Is it possible not to love the Lord, only because He loves us all?

And do you love your people, your parents?

But they also made mistakes.


I once wrote that I stopped switching on the TV and watch all the nonsense that "rushes" through all channels. And I noticed after that that everything is much better on the street than they say on TV. Two years without television programs, believe me - it's a great happiness!

Recently I began to think that maybe there will come a time when I will disconnect from the Internet, and just to see again how beautiful people and the life that we all live!

PS Someone, after reading this, will say: do not look at negative programs, do not read negative information on the Internet, choose to your liking ...

I would be glad, but noticed that the Internet began to choose for me, that I read, see or hear. Like a TV.
And, by the way, in all this there is a big plus - you read more books. A book, fortunately, we choose for the time being!


When you suddenly decide that someone is another scoundrel, a bastard or some other sinner, think first: is he worth it? In fact still there is you!

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