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Loneliness of the soul

Loneliness of the soul

July 2 2018 LJ cover – Одиночество души

There are people who are always lonely.
Their feeling is deep.
It does not matter whether they are in the crowd or with their relatives,
In dejection.
Perhaps they also say to them,
But still
They are alone in the shower and closed.
Wicket in their hearts is crammed.
Once in the crowd, lost,
From the life of the tired,
And without seeing the shrine,
Suddenly they became blind.
Do not cry, not a word is not heard by them,
And they became deaf.
Their world is emptiness and anxiety,
Where in the darkness of their night road,
Where there are no lanterns and passers-by,
And given by life, the battle is lost,
The prayer is forgotten.
Forgotten tracks, which find the way,
Leading to God.
So what is the loneliness of souls and hearts?
Tell them, Father.
Tell the unreasonable, the deaf, the blind
From the house gone.
One can not remain lonely immensely,
But with Vera.
In prayer with open heart,
With locks broken, the door.
Then, even in the most forgotten desert,
Father always remembers his son.
And the soul will be filled with good love,
And blood
The veins will be filled,
When frankly
You will understand and you will see in peace:
Let it be empty around, but you two!

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