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Reading through, I reread

Reading through, I reread

27 2018 June LJ cover – Прочитывая, перечитываю

How man is stupid, if in a trained animal he saw the mind.


Today I read a parable about a boy and a dog that ended with these words:
"We could learn a lot from dogs.

Reading through, I reread Весело встречать своих любимых, когда они приходят домой.

Reading through, I reread Не лишать себя возможности идти на прогулку в любую погоду.

Reading through, I reread Ежедневно бегать и прыгать.

Reading through, I reread Позволять себе быть ласковыми.

Reading through, I reread Никогда не кусаться, когда достаточно только порычать.

Reading through, I reread Когда у кого-то плохой день- молчать, просто тихо быть рядом.»

Интересная притча...наверное...но удивительна одна фраза: "мы могли бы учиться у собак многому"...

And who are we then?

Do you really need to become a dog before you become a human being? Has the world changed so much that people forgot that they were created by the Lord pure and honest? Have we, people, forgotten about this and now we need to learn from dogs?

Maybe not? Maybe you just need to remember that we are people, and not animals in their manifestations and live like people, and treat each other like people! So, as once were born on this world: honest and pure, in love and with love!


When you want something greater in life, enjoy Malomu.


Learn to rejoice in a small piece of bread and then never choke on the loaf.


If you stopped enjoying expensive gifts made to yourself, for example: buying an expensive car, buy yourself a bicycle. If the bike is not pleased, walk the streets and see how the world around you is beautiful. Change direction for joy.


Female. From the Bible we know that God created a woman by taking the "edge" of Adam. According to ancient translations of the text, the word "rib" means rather "face", "side" of a person.

Sometimes it seems to me that the woman is the very face of all the contradictions and questions that sometimes torment a person. And only by joining in the love of a sincere and true woman with a man, a person finds harmony in this world.

And again: how great is the Lord in his creation. He took Adam's rib not to destroy, but to create and unite in one, but more full of meaning of life.


Life begins with a cry, and ends with tears. Change your mood. My soul wants everything to end with a smile. Believe me that all misfortunes, sorrows and tragedies will be left behind, in the past.

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