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All by accident, but not by thought

All by accident, but not by thought

14 2018 June | A source: CypLIVE |Автор: «РАЗМЫШЛЕНИЯ» Дедушка Го

The desire to be intelligent, and not the desire to be clever helps us to hear. The knowledge of the world is not the assertion of one's own self, but the recognition of oneself as small before the great. As if literate and wise you were not, there is still an eternity of questions ahead. And getting answers, I will always think how stupid I am. Today I know that it was morning, but only today. So that's the wisdom, will it be tomorrow and are you wise today?


Accidental, or maybe not, conversation:

"Communication is essentially an energy exchange. In accordance with the laws of conservation of energy, a person generates energy and gives it away, but he must replenish his reserves. Hence the need to communicate.

People communicate for personal gain. During the interaction between people, there is an energy exchange - one gives, the other receives and vice versa. If people like each other, then there is an intensive energy exchange between them. At the same time, both enjoy communicating, if people do not like each other or worse ..., then, accordingly, options are possible ... "


I am ready to agree only if people are soulless and soulless machines, creatures. The law of conservation of energy, if you are talking about this law, says a few things about it.

Energy exchange ... hmm ... you can call communication any words convenient for you, and if you look at it that way, then it's not communication but energy exchange between possibly alien creatures that are soulless at all, and then they communicate for personal gain.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, people have a soul, heart, emotions, ancestral culture and communicate not for the sake of profit, but for the sake of knowing the world, knowing oneself, for the sake of the love we received from birth from our parents.

And based on the above interpretation of communication, so everything can be brought to a simple exchange of sweat glands, for example:

a kiss is not a delightful act expressing the multifacetedness of love, but a simple exchange of secretions of salivary glands ....

The thought is sad ... sad ...

I will say more than that, when a person is born, his heart and soul are filled with the spirit of love. And it's very sad if this love is thinned with such things and concepts as profit ... And it's sad if we start to consider communication with the ideas of energy exchange invented by us, for the sake of restoring what was squandered from the position of benefit. I'm just talking about this. Giving your love in communication with another person, without demanding anything in return, is the highest good for the speaker himself!

"We should not think about this, it does not happen at the level of thinking, but at more subtle energies ..., at the emotional level."

"It does not happen at the level of thinking, ... at the emotional level ..." That is, communicating and consuming the energy of another person in return, we do it unconsciously? So what? Some sort of energy vampires, forgive me, Lord ...

Communication of a rational person with a reasonable person is precisely the thought process that makes it possible to know the world quite consciously. When we talk with our children, we give them the knowledge that is in us, and even with great love. Do you require the return of the child's energy from the energy that was wasted on him? Or do you communicate with the child and just (without benefit) share with him all?

I understand that our conversation can last for eternity, so you consider communication only as a reciprocal, mutually beneficial exchange of energy. I regard communication as something spiritual, which is very far from the benefit and other sinful needs of man. Although such people meet in life, it is advantageous for them to be friends, communicate, receive information and use all this only for their own mercenary purposes. But this is not a norm and it is not necessary to communicate with such people, but to pray for them.



Flaming sunset,
And the horses trembled,
And where is that happiness,
About which they write in the newspapers? ..


And the sunset was flaming, like one's own neurosis,
And the horses shuddered in part.
On the field where they grazed, one manure.
But for the flowers, what is this happiness!



Today congratulate on the Day of Russia,
About independence they write too much.
So you want to know from God:
Tell me, did they even ask her?


Sometimes something it would be desirable,
But an empty head is still unknown.
Even emptiness will end sometime,
Yes, and life after her.

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