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Life is the second in eternity

Life is the second in eternity

29 2018 June LJ cover – Жизнь – секунда в вечности

Repent, do not toil,
When there is fire in the soul.
And feel - is hammered
Forgive the nail in the palm of your hand.

And blessed with flour
Sin will extinguish the arrogance.
When the hands are broken,
When the whole is torn.

To repent of the crucifix,
Fused with heat.
Substituting his forehead with curses,
Broken in the blood sometimes.

Eyes open with horror,
From the past centuries.
And gaining courage,
To be blind from sins.

To repent of humility,
Pride to extinguish.
Seconds in time
And do not ask anymore.

And the dust to share,
When the age goes away.
It will be the same lepitsya
Once there was a man.

To repent and repent,
Everything has its end.
As the prodigal son wanders,
So the Father waits for him.

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