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Sight see

Sight see

August 2 2018 LJ cover – Зрячие увидят

In the biblical context, the word "see" denotes such a holistic cognition of the world, when a person is able to see with bodily eyes (see: Mk. 8: 24, etc.), and with a spiritual eye (see: Psalm 33: 9).

Recently, in a conversation about Christ with my acquaintance, she shared with me the thought, read back in the 80-x years that the time will come and "people will not recognize Him, feel or even notice Him passing Him" ​​...

Something in this thought first worried me, and then I realized that it was not finished.

The very idea that my acquaintance shared, makes us think, but will not this happen? If we live the way we live. When love becomes like sex, when joy is only pretense in public, when virtue is only a mutually beneficial relationship, when mercy is ostentatious and no longer charity. When we sin, there is still so much ahead of time, as we believe, and still have time to repent. And do not have time? And okay, maybe he'll carry it by. When we get angry and swear at abusive words and already consider this to be the norm. When the mat became suddenly "literary" and reflects the culture of our time and, as some art people say, there is a place to be. When we hate everyone and everyone around, this is the creation of God, which he loves, like the Father.

So I'm thinking about what caused the alarm.

It can only be true under one condition, that only those in whose hearts and souls there is no love will not feel, notice, and pass only anger and malice. In whose souls there is no mercy, but only acquisitiveness lives. In whose souls there is no repentance and humility, but pride and passion live. Whose soul is dead already during the life of the earth.

Dead people, still living on earth, but already dead. They certainly will not see Him.

And therefore I want to add to the thought only this:

Christ is the Light of the world, He came into the world, that everyone who believes in Him should not remain in darkness (see: John 12: 46). "He who walks in the day does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world" (John 11: 9). To become children of light (see: Eph. 5: 8), the lights in the world (see: Phil. 2: 15), we will look for insight into signs from above only in Jesus Christ. Let us search through Him for answers to celestial questions. He is "Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end" (Rev. 1: 8). In Him, we are the source of knowledge, if we believe in Christ as the Messiah who came.


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