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Reasons for the popularity of villa rentals in Cyprus

Recently, Cyprus has ceased to be considered a resort, intended only for wealthy citizens. Every year millions of travelers from all over the world, including Russians, spend their vacations here. There is a huge number of resorts that can offer both excellent beach holidays and fascinating excursions to architectural monuments built before our era.

However, before you go to this paradise island you should decide in advance where you will live - in a hotel room or in a private house? Just note that hotel rooms in four or five-star hotels will cost you a bit more than individual apartments in a new building or a villa entirely. But cottages are many times more standard rooms. In addition, they can be right on the beach and have their own pool with sun beds and other useful accessories.

Rental villas - an excellent option for tourists who prefer to travel independently. Note that in the villa for you no one will follow and there are no restrictions. Do you want to sit in the bar until morning? - No problems. Do you prefer to have dinner at ten o'clock in the evening? "Please, there are not any schedules here."

Plus, you can easily invite your friends to stay at your villa, and you can bring even a large company of eight or nine people, since the villa has a large area, so it can easily fit everything at once.

In the hotel you would have to report even for one friend invited to the room. When deciding to rent a villa, you can create a meal schedule for yourself. If you want to save money, you can cook at home, just buying all the necessary products in local stores.

Do not want to cook while on vacation? In this case, visit the nearest restaurants and try out the local cuisine. Would you like to stay at home? Then just order the ready meal at home. As a result, your holiday in Cyprus will be incredibly comfortable and truly unforgettable.

You can rent a villa for a few days, or for three or four weeks.

Our specialists will be happy to help you find the best option.

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