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Mountain villages of Cyprus - FINI

One of the most picturesque places, still keeping in itself a cosiness and originality, seems to be beyond the time in this corner of Cyprus. Surprisingly, here the dry mountain air in the daytime heat is much more easily tolerated than the humid air of the coast. And at night you can even freeze, if you do not wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

In addition to the wonderful climate, Feeney is famous for centuries-old vineyards, giant jugs for wine match vines, you can meet in almost every yard. Here in Fini you can see the local landmark - a unique fence of old cross-country skis.

A small village is known for its pottery and a private museum of folk art created by one of the villagers. In his house, built in the 16 century and located right in the center of the village, the owner of the museum assembled a collection of pottery and objects of national life.

For sure everyone is familiar with the "Russian bath" and more than once visited the "Finnish sauna". In the village of Feeney there is an opportunity to get acquainted with one more version of the "Finnish" bath, or rather the bath in Finnish.

Under a huge pitcher, a fire was built and warmed up properly. Then the logs were removed and a stool was placed, through which they climbed inside and were soared inside the jug. Such a bath especially helped women to recover quickly after childbirth.

In the old days, many villagers were engaged in pottery, as the village literally stood on the layers of red clay. Women made kitchen utensils, household utensils and small jugs. The huge vessels for wine and olive oil were mostly male handiwork. Now only a few old women continue to practice traditional crafts. Walking through the village, you can see the homemade signpost "Woman making pottery", which will lead just to one of these grandmothers-masters.

By the way, they say that the clay that is mined in these parts is distinguished by the presence of silver impurities in it. Therefore, the water and food stored in the pitchers made in Fini, did not spoil a long time. Thanks to such "silver" jugs, the epidemics bypassed the village side.

In addition to pottery, the village of Fini is famous for its lukum.

As it should be in the mountain villages of Cyprus, the streets in Fini are "crooked" and "hunchbacked". Walking along them, you can quite unexpectedly find yourself on the same level with the roof of the local church (one of the 500 preserved and current churches of Cyprus).

Near the village is the waterfall "Kantara". If you have the strength and the place for impressions - do not be lazy, spend a couple of hours to make a walk through the mountains of Cyprus to the waterfall.

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