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Acquiring the Citizenship of Cyprus

Participating in this program, the investor and his family receive Cypriot passports. This is not a residence permit, no visa and no green card. This is a full citizenship of the country - a member of the European Union.

The applicant for citizenship must invest in Cyprus from € 2 million for 3 year. Citizenship is issued in just 3 months!

The program is very popular among foreign investors and has already attracted more than € 3mlrd of direct investment in the economy of the Republic of Cyprus.

Advantages of the program

The key points that make the program unique:

  • The passport of Cyprus provides All rights of an EU citizen: Freedom to stay, study, work, do business in any EU member state, as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • Visa-free regime for 157 countries of the world
  • Double citizenship is allowed. Other countries are not informed of the granting of Cypriot citizenship
  • Citizenship is granted to the spouse (s) of the investor* And all financially dependent children under the age of 28 years. Citizenship is automatically transferred to all subsequent generations of the investor
  • Parents of the investor also have the right to obtain citizenship on condition that they are the owners of residential real estate in Cyprus costing from € 500.000 (hereinafter the amounts are indicated without VAT, where it exists).
  • Express procedure - 3 month Before receiving a passport
  • The investor does not need to live in Cyprus
  • The minimum investment amount is € 2million for the whole family
  • The investor must keep investments for 3 years, after which he is free to implement them. The only thing that is required of him is to leave personal property in Cyprus worth from € 500.000 (we expect that this requirement will be canceled, in any case, this property can be leased and recovered rental income)
  • There are no acts of donation or monetary donation to the state
  • There are no exams for knowledge of the state language and the history of the country

Investment Options

As investment assets can act:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial property
  • Development projects
  • The creation of Cypriot companies, the purchase of companies or investing in them
  • Units of investment funds, financial assets of Cypriot companies and organizations
  • Government bonds (a maximum of € 500.000, the remaining € 1,5mln must be invested in other assets)
  • Combination of the above methods

Requirements for Investors

Investors and investments made by them are subject to the following requirements:

  • The minimum investment amount is € 2mln
  • Investment period - minimum 3 year
  • Absence of previous convictions of the investor and adult members of his family
  • The investor must be the owner of personal residential property in Cyprus at least € 500.000. If investments are made in residential real estate, this requirement is absent
  • An investor must have a residence permit in Cyprus in order to qualify for citizenship. The state grants this status to him simultaneously with the application for citizenship. The receipt of a residence permit is a formality dictated by the rules of the European Union. As before, the investor does not need to reside in Cyprus to obtain citizenship.

* If the investor through 3 years sells investment residential property worth € 2mln, in return he must purchase personal residential property worth from € 500.000

Granting citizenship in a standard manner (naturalization)

An alien who has lived in the Republic of Cyprus for 7 years (the term is determined by the border control marks in the passport) for 10 consecutive years, is entitled to Cypriot citizenship.

Citizenship, unlike a residence permit, is not issued for the whole family at once. It is received only by the spouse who has lived in Cyprus for 7 years. In a few months, citizenship automatically receives minor children.

The second spouse will receive citizenship when he dials the same 7 years of residence in Cyprus. Or, three years later, as the husband of a citizen of Cyprus.

* ЗThe Civil Union Act (184 (I) / 2015) Came into force from the moment of its publication in the official government newspaper from 09 / 12 / 2015. The law introduces the institution of a civil union in the legal system of Cyprus. A civil union ceremony and the issue of a certificate are held at the district branch of the municipal formation at the place of residence of one of the applicants. In the event that interested persons do not permanently reside in Cyprus, they are entitled to apply to the appropriate district office of their choice.

Documents required for application:

- Accounts for utility services that confirm the place of residence (certified by apostille);

- The application form for the civil union, completed by both parties;

- Valid passports.

Application under oath (made no older than one month from the date of presentation, it is permissible to take an oath in the embassy of Cyprus abroad). Interested persons must also present official certificates confirming that none of them is married / civil / religious or other union signed by the head of the Civil Registry Office for those who live in Cyprus for residents abroad issued by their competent authority. All official documents issued in any other country that is not a party to the Hague Convention must be certified with an apostille and translated into English or Greek.

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