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Property in Cyprus

Why do you need your own property in Cyprus? I had to answer these and similar questions more than once. Come and you yourself will stay, but no, so again and again you will look for the opportunity to return to again see this blessed land, breathe in the aromas of flowering almonds, oranges, damask roses and eucalyptus, plunge into the embrace of the warm sea and light breeze, and stretch as long as possible feeling fresh, go out to the verandah of your white house, where you are waiting for a strong Cypriot coffee with a glass of ice water, prepared by the gentle hands of your beloved wife, and before your eyes you see an impeccable view of the mountains and the sea ... A person by nature nickname, property in Cyprus - his inoculation against future uncertainty, of midlife crisis, by approaching old age, simply because it is mentioned - no piece of the Hollywood film, which follows the "box", and his own life, yesterday seemed a hopeless dream!

Of course, the palm should be given to the beautiful half in matters of pickiness to purchase real estate in Cyprus. But there are some historical parallels for people with a subtle taste and sense of humor. So, the very ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite chose the place of her birth as a foam of the sea off the coast of Cyprus, not far from Pafos, until now lovers seek to visit this place.

And Richard Lionheart for his beloved lined up in modern terms - real estate, taking into account the requirements of the time - the fortress, in Cyprus, in the vicinity of Limassol.

Saint Lazarus after a miraculous resurrection chose his new home Cyprus, settling on the site of modern Larnaka, here he was visited by the Virgin Mary. Such different characters, stories and destinies intertwined here: in a house bearing the name of Cyprus. Yes, the ancients did not know the advertisements and preferred personal taste and experience, at least by choosing real estate in Cyprus for sure.

It was not for nothing that the island was a tasty piece for the Turks, for the English, and not only for them ...

It is curious that the word ecology is due to its origin to the Greek language, oikos - home, dwelling and logos - science, that is literally - the science of the house! ..

And what about your ecology ?! The real estate in Cyprus is environmentally a priori, and Cyprus, as a habitat, I will say myself, is impeccable. It's hard to understand what you were breathing before, but after Cyprus, you understand that you have a choice: fragrant air impregnated with eucalyptus essential oils on the seashore or orange-lemon in the plains or pine and cool in the mountains.

And for less you do not agree! There are no industrial giants, there is no soot on the windows, there are no sewer pipes that go out to sea, there is no acid rain. Here in my child, a few days after the arrival, childhood eczema disappears. And waking up in the morning, involuntarily sing: "What sky is blue, what all beautiful!".

And, finally, for those who like to count and know how to not miscalculate: real estate in Cyprus is a real investment in your pension fund, in the education of children, in rest for the whole family all year round, and for someone a new source of income from the deposit In the rental of real estate by the sea. Now there are really exclusive projects near the developed infrastructure - Marina in Limassol, while the possibilities for searching simply comfortable and well equipped with modern real estate facilities in Cyprus are quite realistic and not exhausted.

One of our acquaintances, a very successful business man, asked what kind of property in Cyprus we bought, and when he heard that it was a one-bedroom apartment, he smiled and said that his first acquisition here was a studio apartment that he sold and bought a maisonette, then he Bought a house in a complex with a swimming pool, and, finally, now he bought land, commissioned a project and built his house with a swimming pool and a garden.

Then I asked him, what's next and what will be the end of the search for the best property for him in Cyprus? My friend not without pleasure informed me that he is building an attic! .. Believe me, he can count money and increase his capital.

There are traditional areas in Limassol, which Russians prefer: Aghios Tihonas, Pyrgos, Potamos Germasogeia.

The reasons are obvious. They are guided by the neighborhood with their compatriots, and proximity to the sea, roads, English and Russian schools and kindergartens. In Limassol, one of the most numerous Russian diasporas abroad. Here the Russian-speaking Orthodox parish, acting in the Church of Christ the Man of Love, Russian Sunday school is successfully developing, a new Russian church in Kalogiri has been laid. Newspapers and magazines are published in Russian. Pass numerous festivals, forums, exhibitions, a large number of creative teams come on tour. Cultural life continues throughout the year, and is not limited to the long Cypriot summer.

And this year the number of Russian tourists for the first time in the history of Cyprus exceeds the number of tourists from the UK, who traditionally buy property in Cyprus and vacationers all year round.

A nice addition to the purchase of real estate in Cyprus is its own parking space and a small utility room, which we habitually call a storage room, but if there is a cot, it is comparable in size to the room that is rented by private traders on the Black Sea coast vacationing "savages." And when buying a maisonette - a very common type of real estate in Cyprus, you simultaneously become the owner of your own garden, parking space, and if the maisonette or the house are in the complex of the same name, you have at your disposal a common pool and the adjacent territory, drowning in flowering bushes, various plants , where instead of high fences - picturesque evergreen neatly trimmed hedges.

The specially hired people take care of the complex, communal and general payments are comparable with the Russian ones. In addition, in general use may be depending on the architectural idea, implemented by the developer, and other objects, such as a tennis court, a sports complex, golf courses. Some of my friends like to spend time in Afrodite Hills near Pafos, to ride children on horseback, to walk away from the city bustle, to admire the beautiful view. The named complex, just a successful example of such real estate in Cyprus, is based on active recreation - the game of golf.

A useful thing at any time of the year regardless of what kind of property in Cyprus you acquire, are solar panels. As a rule, modern houses in Cyprus are put into operation with a set of solar panels. Our neighbors, for example, every year, dismantle the next piece of shingles on the roof of their house for another instance of rational energy consumption, apparently, they want, without limiting themselves, to get bills for electricity, striving for zero ?! What a rational attitude to their property in Cyprus is also a kind of feature.

Note that every piece of land in the city is designed to please the eyes, blossom and fragrance of plant compositions, while a tiny little pipe is brought to each bush to give all the living water a drink, because the summer in Cyprus is long and warm, and the rains are rare and only in winter .

What they are amazing toilers, Cypriots, farmers, because the Lord blesses them with multiple yields. Outside the city is also a joyous picture: olive groves interspersed with orange, even rows of vineyards, even on the slopes of mountains, neat houses, located at a distance from each other.

In Cyprus, any property has a truly Mediterranean appearance: low-rise buildings, denser in cities near the sea, panoramic windows with bright awnings, shutters or shutters, balconies, balconies, pergolas, verandas and neat Cypriot courtyards where pots with annual plants, fragrant especially In anticipation of sunset.

It becomes obvious on the first acquaintance with Cyprus that this is an ideal place for children, in terms of education, recreation, food, security, morality, development, health, entertainment, sports.

Therefore, real estate in Cyprus is your investment in children. Even in the summer, when school life freezes, it is clear that flocks of children of different ages, headed by teachers and educators, who build castles in the sand, then everything, like picking, wearing helmets and knee pads, riding bicycles, riding along a bicycle path along the embankment Limassol. Then the boys gambling in football on special sports grounds, and the girls in the meantime are actively ill for them: with screams and jumps, then they are just kids, accompanied by moms or nannies, diligently digging in the white sand. Since the distances between settlements in Cyprus are insignificant, it is customary to go to another city to visit the children in your favorite vacation spot for the whole family, and therefore it is not important where your property is located in Cyprus, you will reach it quickly enough.

So, a large zoo in Paphos will please even the smallest members of the family, honorably sitting in a stroller, and indifferent will not remain at all after the show of parrots and owls, Limassol municipal park also has its own mini zoo, between Limassol and Larnaca waiting for its visitors Camelpark. Also very popular are water parks: in Limassol - Fassuri and Watermania in Ai Anapa, and there is Buble-park, Luna-park, bowling, cinemas in Limassol and the list is far from complete.

And in conclusion for the skeptics I will quote the words of the Greek Greek philosopher Protogor: "Man is the measure of all things", having measured Cyprus by oneself, you understand that from the inside he is really more than outside, and real estate in Cyprus somehow imperceptibly becomes not a goal for himself, but One of the components of a happy life. Measured personally.

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