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The Troodos mountain range

Stretched at 80 km. And pine-covered mountain range of Troodos, is so unlike the coastal sunny-resort Cyprus that deserves a separate excursion.

In the hot summer months, thousands of tourists and residents of Cyprus come to Troodos to relax in the cool of the mountain ranges, admire the magnificent panorama or to get acquainted with the unique relict plants that inhabit only previously difficult to access places. In times of numerous invasions, Cypriots took refuge in the wilderness of Troodos, building monasteries and rock temples, which have been preserved for the most part to this day, having accumulated many relics.

Mountain villages of the region Solea Are unusually picturesque, and the numerous mountain resorts built during the time of English colonization today still host a lot of tourists who prefer to rest in the mountains. Amazingly clean, smelling pine air, magnificent mountain landscapes, tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to wander on foot or ride a mountain bike along the forest trails attract many here, and the hotels of the districts Pleras и Pedulas On the comfort of not inferior to the coastal resorts. In Troodos is the summer residence of the President of Cyprus. From January to March in the vicinity of Mount Olympos (1951 m.) You can even go skiing, operate the 4 lift.

All visitors to Troodos are sure to seek to visit located a few kilometers northwest of the mountain village of Pano Platres Kikko Monastery (1100, now existing buildings built in the XVIII century.) - the most famous and richest on the island. The monastery was specially built for the storage of one of the three "holy" icons, which, according to legend, the apostle Luke wrote with the Mother of God himself.

Even today it can be seen in the monastery church - it is covered with a precious salary, and its upper part is draped with matter, which is removed only when the icon is taken out of the church to attract rain. Another miraculous relic of the monastery - the belt, is believed to help women recover from infertility.

At the end of the 80-ies of the XX century. The monastery was restored, there were murals and beautiful mosaics, and the largest of the monastery bells (1280 kg.) Was cast in Russia. On the territory of the monastery there is a small shop where you can buy a lot of souvenirs and delicious liqueurs prepared by monks.

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