Today: April 18 2019
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Do you remember the day you were born?

What is happening today in the world, destroys people's faith and hope for life, and even destroys people themselves. Legalizing prostitution, legalizing drugs, legalizing gambling business! Destroying sex, as a fact, given to us by God, calling it tolerance. When love is just a non-binding sex, and the family is a partnership, sometimes backed up by a marriage agreement. Arranging trials over Orthodox priests in some countries only for the fact that in their sermons and conversations they are trying to stop all this bacchanalia.

What else is legalized in the coming years?


Or maybe we have already died?

When the words honor and dignity, charity or humanity are replaced by horoscopes and predictions of astrologers - what awaits you and what you should be these days, making you forget your own internal qualities given from birth. And you begin to live someone else's life, but written by these "experts" of psychology. When the so-called "gurus" of different stripes and completely unknown origin become a panacea in life with their quotations and articles, destroying in you all that is good, that was given to you from God, from your parents. Replacing your thoughts with the delirium that is carried from the pages of newspapers, magazines, Internet resources with quotes and articles written by no one.

You stop hearing yourself, because you listen and what's more scary, believe in the magic of numbers, in the magic of words, in a black cat and in a dove that has pissed you on a car and it's said to money. You believe in everything, in the latest nonsense, the most deceitful mentor of the new preachers of a free way of life, because your friends believe it, and you should be in a trend. And you have ceased to hear yourself, and you have ceased to believe in yourself, in what the Lord has given you - to love yourself, to love people, to love the world, to love your Father. And if you could return to birth and hear your heart, your soul as a baby, you would hear the voice of purity and innocence.

What has always been a sin, is gradually becoming the norm. What was shame, was laxity, that is freedom.

Perhaps the society of democracy, with all its freedoms, should look like this in the minds of those who thought it up. But I think that this looks like death, both physical and spiritual.

Someone will say that I exaggerate and that everything is not so bad. But remember, was it all on this scale, some forty or fifty years ago? And what is fifty years by the standards of eternity? Just one moment. And for this moment the world has changed so much. And this is not the end, but only the beginning.

And what is there, at the end?

PS And when, dying people, if they are not burned by the time in the stoves, they will close the lid of the coffin for themselves, the last thing they see will be blood pressure!


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