Today: April 18 2019
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Happy childhood. In my childhood, running through meadows, where cows and sheep usually grazed, I got into their shit much less often than now, communicating in social networks. And the cows do not graze, and the sheep are not visible, but the shit has increased.


Happy youth. Internet was not, cell phones too. I had to meet and communicate. Live personal communication. All the shit that was not there was waiting for us ahead.


Happy adult years. The first cell phone, the first computer, the first Internet, the first social network ... And again, as in my childhood, I run through the meadows, trying not to get into "cow cakes" and "sheep" ... and get into shit.


Happy old age. It is no longer necessary to leave the house, and talk for hours with a friend can be on Skype or even on a huge number of chatting resources. And even if your friend speaks a different language, these resources will translate to you an unfamiliar speech. The number of social networks has become more than we had cows in the village together with the sheep. The number of opinions and statements that do not tolerate criticism has long surpassed the number of printed publications languishing in the libraries of the world. Unnecessary already to anybody-Google knows everything, and the Internet even more. And no longer running through the meadows, and rarely leaving the house, but being on the Internet to communicate, you get into shit. Much more often. You did not say that ...

Shit hits you ...


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