Today: April 20 2019
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Phrases ... az, beeches, lead ...

Today is Sunday. In the morning I looked in the popular local news site. I read the news.

In the evening I decided to look again. And again I read the news.


The morning began with the news that some old zoophile raped poor sheep.

In the evening, news that caught a trader of hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana.

Wow a day off ... It's good that the news only looked in the morning and in the evening. In the afternoon it was easier.


Lies give rise to distrust.

A drop of lies creates doubt.


Again I met with the question, but what is happiness?

Happiness is the time when the warmth of the mother's breast feeding you with milk remains on your lips.


Previously it seemed to me that I had lived for many years. And only now I realized that I just started to live, and there are still many events ahead. And believe me, the most interesting!


Before you call someone your friend, think about whether he was an enemy before ...

There is a legend about the fresco of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper.

The artist wrote it for several years and still could not finish because he did not get the image of Judas. Leonardo wandered through the streets of the city and peered at the faces, looking for someone in the passers-by this image. And one day he saw a man on whose face, as it seemed to the artist, all the most negative moments of his life were expressed, all vices. Leonardo stopped the passer-by and asked, but would not he like to pose for him for the image of Judas in writing the frescoes?

On which the passerby kindly agreed, saying at the same time:

- Of course, I agree, since a few years ago you wrote a picture of Christ from me.


I went to a place where everything was so delicious and when I heard the question: "Do you fast?", I realized that I would not be able to eat.

And I imagined how sheep joyfully bleated, eating grass in the meadows!


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