Today: 20 May 2019
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Not the parable

In conversation with one not a poor man, I heard from him a phrase with a touch of arrogance:

"Why do you live if you do not have anything." Look at me, and the house is there, and the villa on the island, and the yacht on the sea, and friends are just like me. And you only have friends and not so many.

I looked with regret and even sadness at the interlocutor and answered him what I thought:

"Early on you ask me why I live." It's too early to talk about what and who has this life. Wait a bit. And when we stand with you before the wicket to the next world, already, into a different life, then we'll talk. Maybe already without a house, without a villa, without a yacht and maybe even without friends, you will no longer have questions to me. Why do I live. Perhaps you will have a question, but why did you live?


The Great Lent began. Around there is talk about this, but some strange. Basically, what you can eat and what not. Is there oil or fat in the product? And when you can fish, and when you can not?

There is absolutely no desire.

How to cope with irritation, with anger, with profanity? How to forgive those who could not forgive in the past? How to ask forgiveness from those who are offended by accident or inadvertently? How to learn not to rise in your thoughts and not fall into charm? How will cope with the thought that I know so much, but is really still stupid? So many questions before me in this Lent, that there is no time to think about meat and bread.

How to become a Christian?


Every time, hoping that I'm getting closer to God, I move away from Him even further. And not that I move away, but I turn back. I look at my path and understand that it is impossible to come to God on a road that has been torn by itself. We must return and correct, arrange, change. And to pray for the forgiveness of what can not be changed, about those sins that are. Heavenly Father does not want to see destinies broken by his own hands, He loves his children. And, if we try to correct something in ourselves sincerely, He will certainly help in this case. Clears the way to Him. I think so.


I leave the Greek temple after the liturgy, and the prayers inside continue to sing along the way to the house. And already having come home, having sat down in an armchair, they gradually cease. And such a grace in the soul, joy. Sometimes it seems to me that they are angels, that in the temple, they fly into my soul and go with me to my house. And then, when I'm already at home, in an armchair, they slowly, calming my soul, return to their house, to the temple. To meet again tomorrow joyfully. Save the Lord.


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