Today: April 20 2019
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I'll try to talk to God

When the soul is filled with sin,
And the heart will become a clay stone,
At the horizon, with a glance, slowly
Okinu past the road is long.

When there is only water left from the blood,
From conscience gaping emptiness,
And life is an instant, not many years.
And not reality, and not dreams ...

I flipped the whole world over,
The ruins cleared the way ...
And the past, when you can not return,
I'll try to talk to God.

A fool is naive, sowing hope!
Your voice is barely audible, it ...
What can you say, ignoramus?
God will not hear. Then with whom?

When a sinful stone pretending to be a soul,
That the Creator did not penetrate there,
Now my knees are bowing,
Do you want your Father to hear?

Is it possible to hear silence?
And who can see the emptiness?
And then raise, what really sank to the bottom?
What destroyed, and now want?

And now, glancing around,
Everything that is destroyed and wiped off by me:
Is my path between heaven or hell?
Am I in front of God or Satan?


How the germ grows to the sun,
So you are filled with power by God!
The radiance of life gives us the east,
And the West can only be a grave.

And if you suddenly remember God,
You still want to talk with Him
At first you will not destroy the roads to Him ...
Do not die, but try to live!


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