Today: 21 May 2019
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Itself with itself

In a fairy tale like? He took an onion, took an arrow, shot, where his eyes look. I went to look for an arrow and found a princess-frog. To the princess.

In life everything is not so. Shot, I looked and found. Toad. And this is not about a woman, it's about life.


The Pepsi generation.

Video clips are often found where journalists interview young people. Ask completely innocent and simple questions about their knowledge on topics: nature, history, geography, literature. Questions are more from the school program. And they do not get answers to them, and if they do, they are basically talking about perfect illiteracy. Is it funny? Journalists apparently, yes.

People who comment on these videos at times with angry words, and sometimes just laugh at all this, over those who, in their opinion, are stupid and dumb. And they talk about such young people, about the children, the "Pepsi" generation.

And I, by sinful deed, could afford to sometimes indignantly laugh at such. But somehow this laughter did not last long.

One day I suddenly realized that it was not our children who received knowledge and education in schools and their parents, the Pepsi generation. It's ourselves, adults, as we think smart and wise, a generation of "Pepsi." Yes - it's us!

Those who did not give proper education did not give proper knowledge. We do not care what our children know. We could not interest them in the process of knowing the world around them. We did not talk to them at home about what we ourselves had learned, about our history, about the history of our kind, about the history of the state where our children were born. About his city. About those places where they themselves were and admired, and would like our children, if they do not, they would at least know about them. We became indifferent to the knowledge of our children.

Teachers who should not only teach something, but also motivate children to learn. Teachers who should be professionals by vocation, and not because - the only education that they could get is pedagogical, where it was easier to do. Teachers who are interested in knowing their students, rather than the average high scores in their school. At the sight of such videos, it is they, the teachers, who should be ashamed that they have not taught anything. It's a shame for parents who also did not share their knowledge. All these people did nothing to make our children interesting, cognitive to live, relying on the knowledge base obtained in due time. All these video clips are not about children, not about students, not about students! This video is about us, smart adults, all knowing and laughing at stupid people! About us! About the generation of "Pepsi".

I watched one of the video clips and suddenly it was not funny at all. It became painful, it became a pity for these children, over whom journalists "jiggle" and laugh at the audience. I wanted to take away their microphone, take the camera from the cameraman and say:
- You ask them about what they did not teach. You ask about what was not given! You laugh and make fun of yourself. It's not our children that are so stupid after school or college! We did not give them anything, we did not learn anything. We are heartless fools who ask questions, knowing that we will not get an answer ...

We are a generation of "Pepsi" ...


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