Today: 22 May 2019
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I saw and forget about me or a little about myself

How often do believers, according to their understanding, see miracles?


Someone saw the image of the Mother of God, someone the Lord of our Savior, some of the Holy Fathers of the Church. Someone heard a voice. In the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place.

And I'm the same, one of the people. And the image of the Mother of God saw repeatedly, and the voice of Nicholas the Miracle-worker heard once, and the Holy Light saw and even took a few pictures of this miracle.

But have you seen? Did you hear? Exactly what I am writing about now.


"The Holy Fathers of the Church recognized that miraculous phenomena, the experience of the supernatural, are not only in the Orthodox Church, but also in other confessions. The attitude towards them was determined on the basis of the biblical understanding that not all miracles are from God, but there are miracles performed by the power of the devil, because for the sake of seducing people sometimes "Satan himself takes the form of an angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11: 14). Already in the description of the contest of Moses with the Egyptian sorcerers (see: Exodus 7: 10-12) it is shown that the miracles of the Gentiles are not from God; details the miracles that the devil will perform during the Antichrist (see: Revelation 13: 11-14). "

Being an Orthodox Christian, I suddenly thought, but how sincerely am I a believer and how much a Christian? Does not the evil one tempt me with such images and appearances, in order to raise above my own sins and make me blind and deaf? I remembered one word: we are not saints to see miracles and thought that the saints in the sermons call on the people not to march after miracles, but to stop sinning, repenting, obeying commandments and doing good deeds.

Do not sin, repent, obey commandments and do good deeds.

It was this that came to mind every time, in the soul, when there were some inexplicable events-miracles, as we call them. Not crafty raised pride and self-confidence over sins, but the Lord threw with immense strength on the ground with terrible pain, with a crunch of bones, with fear in his heart. The thought that you see a miracle, but did not do anything good in life, did not repent, did not fulfill one of all the commandments, it crooked all my essence. And at that moment I wanted to shout: Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

The Lord is merciful to every one of his children. And so that we do not speak, as though we did not think, but the greatest of miracles is the creation of man by the Lord. Here it is, a wonderful miracle!

If the Lord could do this Great- To Create the World, then can not I be able to do the least that the Father says: not to sin, repent, live according to commandments and do good deeds? If I am an Orthodox Christian.

Seeing a miracle, I forget about the miracle. The time of repentance and humility has come. This is what I saw and heard in my life.


Read the words of the priest:

"For man, the visual, tangible is of great importance. We are not only a soul, we live in the body, we are in the sensible world, and a miracle is an act of God that becomes visible and visible in the material world as a witness to God's presence.

Every miracle is a special grace of God, which confirms that God really cares about us and does not forget about us in our sufferings. The miracle shows that the Lord God is not indifferent to us, He loves us, and He is so close to us that not turning to Him in misery and misfortunes is very naive and strange. Well, we entrust the execution of the request to the hands of God, because Heavenly Father knows better than us, which is really useful for us. "

(Priest Valery Dukhanin)


"Every miracle is a special mercy of God ..."

Do you hear the "special mercy of God"? And it is possible to achieve this only by stopping sinning, repenting, obeying the commandments of God, doing good works and loving our Lord Jesus Christ.

Is it not miraculous to become the person whom the Lord once created, about which He is trying to tell us all and remind us, apparently or invisibly.


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