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Grant on the birth of a child


This allowance is paid to a woman from the social insurance fund, with its own account of her husband.

Terms of deductions for social insurance

The conditions under which this allowance is provided, such as subsidies for marriage. At the date of birth and the woman and her husband must fully comply with all requirements.

It is assumed that the bidder:

  • has insurance for at least 26 weeks at marriage made all necessary contributions to your pension account in the fund in the amount specified in the terms of insurance, there is an amount on account of not lower than 26-fold weekly base rate charges;
  • making contributions to your savings account or credited to this account deductions previous insurance in the amount of not less than 20-times the weekly base rate.

The amount of benefits

Grant size is the same for all women who qualify for it, and the year is 2011 521 euros.


Application for benefits on the birth of a child must be filed within 12 months after childbirth. It is applied thereto child's birth certificate and marriage certificate, if it is not served before.

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