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Family allowance

Allowance for minors in Cyprus can get any without exception nationals and foreigners legally residing on the island, if their income meets certain conditions.

The main requirement is the permanent residence of the child for whom the allowance is paid, on the island, where his parents should not receive this benefit in any other country, provided that they make payments to the FSS Cyprus. However, many residents of Cyprus in recent years, complain that they are only part of the amount comes from what it should be. So how much money are payable?

According to the Act came into force from January 1 2003 year, receive child allowance may be families in which there are:

  • children under the age of 18 provided that they have not entered into a formal marriage;
  • students aged 18-25 years undergoing full-time education in higher education institutions;
  • full-time students of higher educational institutions, from 18-25 years, served in the National Guard of Cyprus;
  • also receive a benefit social services Republic of Cyprus, to disabled children, regardless of their age and gender.

To date, the Republic of Cyprus children paid two types of benefits: primary and secondary, where the size of the main benefits is determined by the number of children in the family, and additional - on income. Family in which there are one or two children, receives a lump sum, and families with children are entitled to benefits on a monthly basis.

For registration of the child allowance must submit an application to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security no later 3 months after birth. Application forms for benefits can be obtained in public hospitals and private medical clinics where kids mom can fill out an application immediately after birth. Remember that if you, for example, submit your application one year after birth, the allowance for missing a year the state will not reimburse.

Family foreigners who came to Cyprus in the EU or a third country, while domiciled on the island, can apply for the provision of benefits immediately upon arrival in the Republic. This requires confirmation legitimate Spent Cyprus: it must be a Pink Silp or Yellow Silp, or long-term residence permit. After this, the Central Bank of Cyprus to pay by check to the address indicated in the application, or to transfer funds to a bank account of the mother.

In the procedure, the 2007 social benefits was tightened. If used to obtain benefits for children up to the Republic of Cyprus 18 years was enough filing a statement today the island authorities check whether the family is receiving benefits, living in Cyprus.

If at the end of the year you have not received a child benefit for any reason, or you have transferred only a part of the amount due, then you need to contact the Assistance Center (CER) or the Department of Labor and Social Security at your place of residence. As a rule, the main share of benefits is paid in the name of the mother, therefore, when applying, it is necessary to indicate the number of the mother's certificate, her name and surname. Employees of the Center will find out the reason for the delay or suspension of payments on the database, then they will be asked to provide the missing documents. For example, a certificate from the school or kindergarten, confirming the validity of the visit of the child these institutions, or a copy of the new Pink Slilp, as the expiration of the previous one. After providing the missing documents, you will be listed the missing part of the manual.

Background information on the registration procedure and receive child benefits, please call 22 401 725, 22 401 722.


  • Nicosia - Athalassa avenue, opposite the GAN-direct
  • Larnaca - Street Filyos Tsangaridisa phone: 24 805312.
  • Limassol - Franklin Roosevelt Street, 80, phone: 25 804415 / 6.
  • In Paphos - Agios Spiridonas Street, phone: 26 821658.
  • In Paralimni - Antonis Papadopoulos Street, 13, phone: 23 812052.
  • In Polis - Street Agios Kyriaki, 2, phone: 26 322409.

Centers to provide services to citizens (KEP)

  • Nicosia - district Ayi Omologitis street Katsionis, 29, phone: 22 446686 or 22 446813.
  • Limassol - street Spiru Arauz, 21, phone: 25 829129.

Social security benefits in 2010 YEAR

  • For families in which one child, - 466 euros annually.
  • For families with two children - 783,41 euros annually.
  • For large families with three or more children - annually from the euro or monthly 1292,62 107 of euros.


Cyprus government only 2008 year was paid 160 106 thousand million families Cypriots and foreigners legally residing in the Republic. Cheques to receive annual grants were awarded at the end of the year MinFin about 35 thousand families with one child, about the same families with two children and large families 22 thousand received during the year monthly allowance.

If you have to frequent moves, recommend further fill out the form ΕΞΟΥΣΙΟΔΟΤΗΣΗ. To it should also add a form from the bank stating your account IBAN, which will be transferred allowance. If you do not have a bank account, fill out the form ΕΝΤΥΠΟ ΑΛΛΑΓΗΣ ΔΙΕΥΘΥΝΣΗΣ.

Maternity benefit 446 euro sum you are entitled to if not less than one year before the birth or did you work during this time made contributions to the Social Insurance Fund.

If you are married and you have all the documents are in order, at the birth of a child in the hospital you will be offered to fill the form ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΟΧΗ ΕΙΔΙΚΟΥ ΒΟΗΘΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΤΟΚΕΤΟΥ, or ask her to the doctor yourself.

If you are not married to a Cypriot, but the child's father is a Cypriot, complete the form and ΕΝΟΡΚΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΟΧΗ ΕΙΔΙΚΟΥ ΒΟΗΘΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΤΟΚΕΤΟΥ ΣΕ ΑΓΑΜΕΣ ΜΗΤΕΡΕΣ. In this case, the position will be considered the mother and the payment of the Social Insurance Fund, made in her name.

To get a basic annual allowance per child Cypriots need to fill in a form ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΕΠΙΔΟΜΑ ΤΕΚΝΟΥ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ 2009.

Every year, the benefit amount and the form for its design change, so in 2012 year benefit amount is equal to:

  • for families with one child, - 409,99 euros annually;
  • for families with two children - 820 euros annually;
  • for families with three children - 205 euros a month;
  • for families with four children - 450,99 euros monthly.

If gross annual household income was up 2007 € 36.734,93, then in addition to the above form must be completed and ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΠΡΟΣΘΕΤΟ ΕΠΙΔΟΜΑ ΤΕΚΝΟΥ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ 2009.


  • for families with one child - 102,49 51,25 or euros per year (assuming that the annual income of 17086,01-34172,03 euros);
  • with two children-409,98 307,49 or euros per year (assuming that the annual income of 17086,01-34172,03 euros);
  • with three children - 76,86 64,06 or euros per month (assuming that the annual income of 17086,01-34172,03 euros);
  • with four children - 150,33 93,96 or euros per month (assuming that the annual income of 17086,01-34172,03 euros);


  • Pink Slip or Yellow Slip;
  • child's birth certificate;
  • certificate of social payments (κατασταση αποδοχων), you can get it in the Social Security Fund office upon presentation of documents proving your identity and personality of your spouse.

If you need to provide any documents yet, this will notify you in writing.

Download 1. Form ΕΞΟΥΣΙΟΔΟΤΗΣΗ. Power of Attorney.
Download 2. Form ΕΝΤΥΠΟ ΑΛΛΑΓΗΣ ΔΙΕΥΘΥΝΣΗΣ. Change of address form.
Download 3. Form ΕΝΟΡΚΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ affidavit affidavit.
Download 4. Form ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΟΧΗ ΕΙΔΙΚΟΥ ΒΟΗΘΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΤΟΚΕΤΟΥ ΣΕ ΑΓΑΜΕΣ ΜΗΤΕΡΕΣ. Application for a grant on the birth of a child for mothers, unmarried.
Download 5. Form ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΕΠΙΔΟΜΑ ΤΕΚΝΟΥ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ 2009. Application for child benefit.
Download 6. Form ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΠΡΟΣΘΕΤΟ ΕΠΙΔΟΜΑ ΤΕΚΝΟΥ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ 2009. Application for an additional child allowance.
Download 7. Form Εξουσιοδότηση Επιδόματος Τέκνου. Application for transfer of child benefits to the bank account.


Address: Λεωφόρος Βύρωνος 7 1465 Λευκωσία
Information: ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΑ ΓΡΑΦΕΙΑ Υ.Κ.Α 22401600

Office рIona Social Security Nicosia

Information: 22409710, 22409711, 22409712, 22409787
Υποκαταστημα Επαρχιακου Γραφείου Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων Αγίου Ανδρεα
Information: 22878085, 22878083

Office рIona Social Security Limassol

Information: 25804319
Παράρτημα ανεργιακού επιδόματος Νεάπολης: 25814927

Office рIona Social Security Larnaca

Information: 24805201, 24805241, 24805242
Επαρχιακός Λειτουργός: 24805221, 24805222
Προϊστάμενος Κλάδου Ποινικών Διώξεων και Εγγραφών: 24805240

Εγγραφές εργοδοτών και αυτοτελώς εργαζομένων: 24805210, 24805211
Προϊστάμενος Κλάδου εισπράξεων: 24805243
Προϊστάμενος Κλάδου ανεργιακού επιδόματος: 24805232
Βεβαιώσεις: 24805208

Office рIona Social Security Paphos

Information: 26821247, 26821226, 26821225

Social Security Office Famagusta

Information: 23816550
Κλάδος εισπράξεων: 23816530
Κλάδος ανεργιακού επιδόματος: 23816540
Κλάδος επιθεωρήσεων: 23816525

Answers on a lawyer: Child allowances in Cyprus:

I am a Russian citizen, a single mother of a child Cypriots. Receive child about two years, and in January of this year, revenues benefits suddenly stopped. Versed within two months, the reasons were different: you are from a third country, not all professions accepts employment exchange etc. After a lawyer involved in the case acknowledged that there was an error and promised to restore. It was learned that each case is considered "individually." Has the status of our children? Are there any new laws?

With these aids, nothing happened, they are given as before. However, these applications are considered individually, depending on the specific situation. Moms from third countries to benefits are not only children. Status has not changed, just increased the flow of such statements and asylum.

With 2012 year families whose income exceeds 70 000 euros per year, can no longer rely on state aid.

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