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Immigration policy in Cyprus

Entry and stay of foreigners in Cyprus is governed by the Aliens and Immigration Services (ATS 105). Nobody has the right to remain in the country for a long time without an official residence permit or citizenship.

Permission for a short stay in the country

This permit (visa - visa for Cyprus) is issued to tourists, persons invited Cypriot side, or the relatives of those who live and work in Cyprus. The maximum term of the authorization 3 month. However, with the necessary financial resources and residence may be extended. For recreation and most excursions such permission is enough.

Entry into Cyprus is allowed only through the international airports of Larnaca and Paphos and the sea port of Limassol. Entry into the country with the North of Cyprus is illegal. However 2004 year restriction on the free movement in the Turkish part of the island dropped. Today in Cyprus are several checkpoints for those wishing to visit Northern Cyprus.

Temporary residence permit

A temporary residence permit and employment in Cyprus applies to foreign directors and managers of international business companies, which paid up share capital of euro 171000 confirmed one of the banks in Cyprus. In this case, the minimum wage is determined by the sum of Directors 3420 euros managers 1710 euro, which will necessarily be reflected in the contract.

The right to live and work use specialists and employees hired by the local company. However, permission is granted only under the condition that these positions are no applicants from the local population.

Permission to live and work given to pupils and students studying in primary or secondary schools and higher educational institutions.

Broken, and not engaged in any activity, foreigners can obtain a residence permit as the visitors, with a permanent place of residence and source of income outside Cyprus.

Non-residents of Cyprus, buying real estate in Cyprus, a residence permit is not provided. However, if the property is possible to obtain the status of the visitor, if the applicant has sufficient funds in the Cypriot bank, health insurance and bank deposit in the amount 500 euro in case of deportation.

Persons who have obtained a residence permit in Cyprus must remember that in the absence of the island more 3h months residence permit becomes invalid. Visitor status requires annual confirmation.

Long-term resident status

Holders of such status can be persons legally residing on the island more 5 years. European residence permit, which is similar to the United States is called the "green card," not only gives the right to freedom of movement within the European Union countries and stay in any EU country, but also to work. However, under the law, this residence every 5 years requires renewal.

Permanent residence in Cyprus

The presence of a permanent residence permit gives citizens the right to freely enter and leave the country, but on the condition that you can not miss in Cyprus continuously for more than 2h years. After Cyprus' accession to the Schengen agreement, which is expected in 2014, a citizen who has a permanent residence permit, get visa-free travel to EU countries, members of the Schengen area.

The law provides for several grounds for obtaining such status. Among these investors substantial funds in some sectors of the economy of Cyprus.

Also, people who have retired, and applicants with independent cash. Annual required of the applicant for permanent residency guaranteed income must be at least EUR plus 24000 12000 euros for each dependent family member. It should be noted that, at its discretion immigration countries may consider these funds insufficient for a particular applicant and deny a permit for permanent residence in Cyprus. Prerequisite is the absence of a criminal record for the applicant.

An additional advantage for permanent Cyprus retired persons will be the presence in the ownership of property in Cyprus, highest level of education is a serious autobiography and other important social factors. There are some limitations. Holders of such a residence permit is not permitted to be employed or engaged in any business, commercial and professional activities, but is allowed to own companies operating on the island.

Citizenship Cyprus

Path to citizenship for Cyprus after 7 years of legal residence on the island. Necessary documents served the county in which the applicant lives. The application is considered, as a rule, not less 3h years, during which the applicant be asked to take a series of interviews.

For those married to Cypriots stay in Cyprus for years 3h considered sufficient for the filing of a petition for citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.

In July 2007 the Council of Ministers adopted a number of specific criteria for citizenship without having to live in the country above the number of years. For example, direct investment in the country's economy at least 25 million euros, 5 year deposit in one of the Cypriot banks in the amount of not less than 17 million euros or companies with an annual turnover of at least 80 million euros. Applicants applying for Cyprus citizenship by specific criteria must be over 30 years, have property in Cyprus and have no criminal record.

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