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Fairy-tale life in Cyprus

Who would not want to live on a sunny island among friendly people? Marina's story from Bryansk about how she moved and fell in love with Cyprus is finally and irrevocably.

I grew up in Bryansk, but after school I moved to Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing with a degree in Information Technology in Design and stayed in the capital. She worked in design studios, as well as on television. Last time was a freelancer.

My husband is an IT specialist. One large company with an office in Cyprus offered him work. I was completely "in favor," but my husband could not make a decision for a long time, because the move would not be reflected in my work as a freelancer, and he changed his place of work. In the end, we still decided.

Friendly Cypriots

When you come to another country, every little thing can turn into a big trouble, because it's unclear where to run, who to call. At first, everything was frightening, but the Cypriots turned out to be very friendly, they will always come to the rescue. Each of your problems they perceive as their own. At first, for help, we turned to the landlady of the apartment, and she never refused us. In Moscow, no one will solve your problems for you, each for himself, but here you never feel lonely or helpless. Over time, this feeling that "all along", that around people are kind and sympathetic, only increases. In addition, you are kinder and help others with joy.

Country seals

The first thing that struck me on the island - a huge number of cats, walking in the streets of the city. The locals told me the legend. Once upon a time Cyprus overtook a drought, and many snakes were divorced. Then, by order of the government, about a thousand cats were brought to the island to destroy the invasion.

But, by the way, the problem of snakes is still unresolved. People working in the mountains or the forest wear high rubber boots and always carry an antidote with them.

Summer Cyprus Houses

We live in the center of Limassol. It is divided into several districts: the Old Town, a modern center and a tourist area with hotels. Although we live practically in the center, to the sea only three minutes. There are no criminal districts here. Cyprus in general is very safe. For all time, I saw police cars only a couple of times.

The city itself is mostly low-rise, many live in private houses. Local people often build houses themselves. But Russians do not appreciate the quality of Cypriot houses, because they are suitable for comfortable living only in the summer. Cypriots are guided only by the fact that the house was not hot. We have so thin doors on the balcony that we hear the whistling of the wind, and a draft is walking along the floor. But we have an old house - maybe new homes are more comfortable.

Here, all decorate their houses with flowers. But because of snakes, flowers are rarely planted in the ground. Often make an asphalted area, which puts pots of flowers.

Slow life

Cyprus is a small island with a hot climate, so the Cypriots are rarely in a hurry. They can spend hours in a cafe and play cards or just chat. Sometimes it seems that they do not need anything. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I'm slowly recharging myself with this mood.

Here, even public transport is very slow, to be more precise, almost nonexistent. In our city there is only one bus - along the embankment, once in half an hour. The taxi is expensive: the trip to the airport will cost 50 euro. However, on the Internet you can find fellow travelers and take a taxi for 15 euro.

Contrasting weather

It is difficult for me to get used to the climate of the island. We arrived in February, when the air temperature was plus 10 degrees, but the wind blew cold. There is no central heating here, so it's very cold in the houses in winter. Cypriots are saved by heaters switched on by heat. The islanders say they have become accustomed to the winter cold. They often go out on the balcony in the down jackets and bask in the sun.

But in the summer it's unbearable in the street, I would call it a therma. The sun burns mercilessly. From the heat constantly want to sleep, the state is sluggish - perhaps, it was this that formed the slow pace of the life of the Cypriots.

Seasonal rental payment

Now in Limassol there is a strong increase in demand for rent, good apartments are quickly dismantled. And the offices are also in great demand - many Russian companies transport companies to Cyprus. The cost of renting an apartment is growing every month as the tourist season approaches. In February, a two-room apartment in a good area overlooking the sea will cost 600-700 a month in euro, and for the summer period one must try to find for the 900-1000 euro. However, some manage to rent an apartment and for 500 euro. The apartments in Cyprus are very spacious, with a large living room and separate bedrooms.

I was very surprised by the system of payment for utilities. When concluding a contract for renting an apartment, it is necessary to conclude a contract in parallel with the company for electricity and water separately in its name. Then leave a deposit of 350 euro, after which the receipt for payment comes exclusively in your name. Periodicity of payment here also differs from Russian: for electricity we pay once in two months, and for water - every six months.

When changing housing, you need to notify the company, after which the contract is terminated and the deposit is refunded. On the same day, light and water are turned off in the apartment. When we stopped by the apartment, we did not have light for a whole day, until we entered into a contract.

Grocery Paradise

Prices are slightly higher than Moscow, but with an average Cypriot salary (now it is somewhere 1,5 thousand euros) everything is available.

I really like local supermarkets. All tasty and fresh, a large range of cheeses and dairy products. In any store you can buy soy, nut, rice, coconut or banana milk. A huge range of vegetarian products, which are sold in Moscow only in specialized stores for a lot of money. Seasonal fruits are worth a penny: for example, for a kilogram of citrus we give 50 euro cents.

Lifelong parental care

In Cyprus it is considered perfectly normal to go to a cafe instead of cooking at home. By the way, local people even have a tradition: once a week they are sure to gather with the whole family in a cafe and just talk, so they can sit all day.

Portions are huge, so you can safely take one dish for two. Cypriot food is special - a mixture of Greek cuisine and Arabic.

The Cypriot family comes first. I always wonder how strong their family ties are. In Cyprus, many live with their parents for a long time. When children or grown-up people leave their parents, they still go to their dinner regularly every day, or Mom brings food to them home daily.

Potty local

The official language of Cyprus is Greek, but local people are fluent in English, even a plumber knows English. I came here with a good knowledge of the language, so difficulties in communication did not arise. Local people like to chat. They enter into dialogue with you in any place: turn, cafe, park. And this is perceived quite naturally.

Russian speech I hear constantly, because the population of Limassol at 25 percent consists of Russians. By the way, the Cypriots are very fond of our people. On the island, many Russian companies that have opened their branches, landlords treat us well, because we, as a rule, pay regularly.

Little lie

Free medicine in Cyprus you will not find, so health insurance is required. We are paid for both by the company in which the husband works. As a rule, local insurance covers the cost of medical care, except when a person has suffered from extreme sports. Often people are forced to say that they did not suffer as a result of surfing, for example, but fell down the stairs, because health care here is not the cheapest.

Office blogger

I used to create animated cartoons, but I wanted to spend less time at the computer. The plans were to change the sphere of activity a little, I was attracted to direction.

In Cyprus, I started my blog on YouTube about our life here. Colleagues of my husband saw him, and it coincided that their company was just opening its corporate YouTube channel, where they needed a script writer. They reviewed the resume, sent a test task and signed a contract with me. This is a new and very interesting experience for me.

The diverse Cyprus

In our free time we go to the beach or go explore the neighboring cities. In Cyprus, it gets dark very early - in 6-7 evenings, so after working on the beach you will not fall.

We constantly visit various festivals, here they are held every month. For example, now there is a festival of roses, and last month there was a street festival where each participant was given a city wall so that he would realize his creative ideas. In June there will be a festival of lavender.

In addition, we often go for walks on mountain trails, which are organized free of charge by the Cypriot municipality. It takes about 2-4 hours, and the company is mainly made up of local old-timers, pensioners.

We walk a lot around the city. When I walk along the embankment and look all around, it seems to me that I'm at the cinema. I enjoy every step!

European Russia with the eternal sun

Our move was unexpected for everyone, but nevertheless there was not a single person who would not support us. Friends did not discourage this venture, and now they often come to visit us.

The atmosphere in Limassol is very family-like, measured, leisurely. Everything here seems to say: "Life is beautiful as it is, do not strain." Sometimes I do not even have enough of Moscow fuss.

But in Cyprus we do not feel like immigrants. It seems that they just got into such a European Russia with the eternal sun. I do not think that we are here forever - there are so many unknown countries.

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