Today: 23 May 2019
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War is always there, or why Russian little smile

Many foreign researchers depth "mysterious Russian soul" with some surprise tell their compatriots about the Russian dislike smile. On the odd Russian saying about laughing for no reason. And this at a time when almost any non-Russian can find hundreds of reasons deserve to smile - sun, air, wind, women, men. Life itself, in the end. Russian same reason do not believe these beautiful things deserve to smile. Strange these Russian. Wrong.

Conclusions from such a trifling at first glance, the observation can be very different and it is global. They may be in the range of "evil disposition" and "severe climate" and to "fingerprint thousand years of slavery - tsarism, serfdom, and putinism communism."

In my opinion, the explanation of this phenomenon is much simpler and more ordinary than the options of foreign researchers. But at the same time - such an explanation is difficult to accept emotionally.

Russian reality as well is filled with air, wind, sun, and women, as well as the reality of a Frenchman. It's all there.

But all this - only a thin cloth, haze, mirage. Because of this curtain, which all but Russian, and take for reality to us in the eye looks the main character in our story, and his breath fabric of reality wavers, covered with frost and charred in places.

We live our lives with a unique ability to feel this view. We carry through the rest of our lives are sometimes not even realize the truth or maxim: War is always close by.

Every Russian knows since the birth of the war. He always remembers about it that makes it different from its European counterpart.

War is always close by. That is why it seems to us ridiculous joke "suddenly the war, and I'm tired?" Laugh, and do think that the boy was a good cause named to hang from the works - respectful.

War is always there, and that's why our kids, getting the first of September to the first class, do not go somewhere in mathematics or physical education, and peace education. Just like a decade ago this lesson we walked.

Next war, not only in our past. It is always near. She is near, even when she is in a distant Libya. We painfully react to it, because - whether we realize it or do not understand - we still feel that it concerns us. This bell, no matter where he was calling - calling on us.

It's in our country is so popular book series, "If tomorrow the war."

When the Russian looks at the world, he always sees him silent and motionless figure knows that she may at any time otdёrnut world to side, like a curtain, and step forward. If our European brothers in mind could see what we see, - they, too, would be the other person. But unsmiling Russian do not start wars. Their cheerful start to the Europeans. Unsmiling Russian war end.

As a rule, in European capitals. And then the Russian for a while becoming the most smiling people.

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