Today: 19 May 2019
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Fraud Real estate in Cyprus

Friends, we ask you to be vigilant and cautious at all real estate transactions in Cyprus from the lease and ending its purchase!

We live in an age of progress and digital technologies. Aside from the convenience and ease of use is the other side of the coin - the opportunity to run into scams. You are all well aware frightening number of telephone scams that offer to send SMS text messages to phone numbers unknown to you. In such cases, you risk funds on your mobile phone, but in the case of real estate amounts appear far more significant.

Describe typical scheme of fraud. Is beautiful and high-quality site for rental and sale properties in Cyprus. You can select the appropriate option of renting apartments and book them, making payment with credit card. It seems quite natural act, because millions of people booked thus afford housing on vacation.

In the case of scams you just send money "to nowhere." You can talk to them on the phone, contacted by email, but in fact you are just deceiving. For example, talk about the fact that you can rent a villa at a very attractive price, and not necessarily to make full prepayment, and enough to pay a deposit for the reservation in the amount of euro 200. Offering good, almost too good to be true, it is obvious that it is not clean, but ... many people agree and are without money.

Not all crooks are satisfied in small amounts. Many are disguised as ordinary realty offices with strict regulations. Prepayment 100%. Poor vacationers fly to Cyprus and begin to look for their homes, and there that addresses not, the proposal to lease much out of date or simply give up, but for other money and realtors with whom you spoke, they never heard of.

Your calls scammers will tell you that "you need to understand, there's some mistake, we will call you back, settle everything, etc." It goes without saying that you will not wait for an answer?

Living in Cyprus can be described by the phrase "whitefish whitefish." She senses a great multitude, for example, "very slowly", "slowly, little by little," "all the time", "more haste, less speed", "water wears away the stone," etc. Cypriots will not hurry and do not hurry. Sometimes you can catch myself thinking that if I was on the island called the Flood and Noah's Ark at all, the tortoise would have outstripped many Cypriots.

It is doing business "in the style of whitefish whitefish" causes a lot of problems with real estate. Sometimes zamuchaeshsja explain that you need a villa with 4 bedroom and not 2 2 bedrooms Villas, and even located in different parts of the city. You can certainly try 10 time to explain what you need 4 bedroom not only so, but to stay with relatives and friends, but when you answer that 2 villa is also good and you can visit each other's homes ...

All this is known scammers that offer quick and easy to solve questions. The customer is happy, because it seems that he has found smart people willing to help him. Alas, only help him say goodbye to money. The swindlers have only site from which at any moment they will get rid and make a new one. Sites can be set, they will have different design, different proposals objects, different prices, but not something to do with reality, they have not.

Investment attractiveness of Cyprus and the high occurrence of scams in the business related to real estate was only a matter of time. Alas, the time has come, so please be very careful to protect yourself from disappointment in the future.

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