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Buying and renting property in Cyprus

Who has not dreamed to get out of the stuffy city somewhere out of town, to where the sun shines warmly, and near the lake or the sea? What could be nicer than to sunbathe and swim away from civilization? But even if you find such a place, few people want to live in a tent with facilities in the bushes. But what if you own a whole villa offers close to the sea and a sandy beach? Undoubtedly first thought is: "It does not happen! Here's the catch somewhere ", while the second thought is:" There's certainly an astronomical price, "but it's much easier and more interesting.

It's no secret that the cost of an apartment in Russia is so astronomical that have to save a few dozen years, and the mortgage - this will increase the cost of two or even three times! So why buy an apartment in Moscow or the area if this money can buy the whole villa, townhouse or apartment and even you still have money to start a business there. Interesting? Then let's look at this more closely.

Buying Property in Cyprus

Each of us wants to live separately from their parents and grandparents, but not everyone has the opportunity to buy an apartment, even Khrushchev. The cost of a simple one-bedroom apartment is about two and a half million rubles, while the apartment will be located somewhere in the Moscow region for fifty kilometers from Moscow. But why spend money on a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts if you can for the same money to buy a decent property on the island near the sea?

Cyprus house price below cost in Russia, with the quality of the house or apartment, much better. The secret of a successful construction is professionalism, knowledge of materials and naturally mild climate. In Cyprus there are no harsh fierce winters, so reduced the amount of materials for heat insulation.

What are the advantages of buying a house or apartment in Cyprus? To start a low cost. The money you would spend to buy an apartment in Moscow will be enough for a nice spacious apartment, apartment or villa.

What about rest? Warm, mild climate is suitable for almost any person and has a beneficial effect on the immune system, because frost is not only a means of hardening, but also a strong stress for the body. And what about air? In Cyprus there is no concept of "gas contamination". Sea air is excellent for asthmatics, because its healing properties are known since ancient times. If you are concerned about the health of you and your loved ones, you are tired of the city and its bustle, you want to live in normal conditions and to be treated like a person - then buying a property in Cyprus is for you.

So, you decided to buy property in Cyprus. What to do? Choose the object of interest and begin the procedure of purchase, which is regulated by the Law on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners. For personal needs it is allowed to buy one apartment, or one house. After choosing an apartment or villa you need to prepare to pay the full cost of housing or agree with one of the local banks a mortgage (foreigners are issued under 4-5%). For the legalization of the purchase, a stamp duty is paid and registration of the contract in the land commission is conducted, the result of which is the appropriation of the individual title of the property. Do not rely solely on the honesty of the companies of the developers, be sure to use the services of Cypriot lawyers, because miser pays twice.

Choice of properties in Cyprus diverse. You can buy a villa, apartment or apartments. It all depends on you, but this purchase will make you never regret their choice. After all, real estate is always possible to rent to foreigners coming. This is not necessarily self - sufficient to conclude a contract with the management company.

Rent in Cyprus

Not everyone has the money to buy an apartment or just otsutstvuesh desire to buy a home abroad. Such people prefer to rent. You can rent both apartments and the whole villa, with the price difference will not be much different. It would seem that why? All the matter is that the majority of real estate under construction is mainly for sale and not for rent. Europeans prefer to rent the building for a long period, while apartments are more suited for a getaway. Why do you need a house, if you are in it will be almost no?

Why is it easier to rent than buy? Of course, the original reason is the price. Buying a property in another country, still an expensive affair, although more interesting than in Russia. The next reason is desire, if you do not want to have a house abroad, then why buy it? And, of course, service. The matter is that rent in Cyprus is arranged not like we have. That you have not been deceived, it is necessary to rent only from the specialized companies. In addition, it is worth noting that such companies, in addition to renting, offer other services, for example, cleaning the premises and the local area, paying for utilities. It is better to delegate this concern for these eternal companions of the lease to other people. You will know exactly what is included in the lease and how much it will cost you as a result. Even if you do something wrong, you can find the office of the company and solve all the problems that arise.

Property For Sale

Currently, the number of properties in Cyprus increased, thereby stimulating demand. A few years later, the house is located on the outskirts of the capital, will cost more because a good place already occupied and owned by you. You can carry it in their parents, rent or sell your property. Real Estate is the best means not only multiply, but also the preservation of capital.

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