Today: 20 May 2019
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What to buy in Cyprus?

Most tourists are accustomed to the fact that in Greece you can buy a good coat at a nice price. Expect the same from Cyprus and, although it is not so. If Greece coat - big business, the Cypriots its value is not entirely clear, as the island of Aphrodite rare winter temperature drops below + 12 degrees.

Coats in Cyprus

And yet, buy a fur coat in Cyprus can. Little fur shops and most of them are located in major cities - Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos. All products are imported, so prices will be slightly higher than in Greece, but lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. There are also some cheap Chinese fur that can only please the price.

Fur shops can be private or represent any brand. In private benches can bargain and get a discount, but the price in retail stores is unlikely to succeed omitted.

Since the main buyers of fur, Cyprus - Russian, then in most cases you will meet a Russian seller.

Souvenirs from Cyprus

"What can you bring to Cyprus?" The first thing in my head all sorts of stuff, such as fridge magnets, cheap ceramic vases, statues of Aphrodite in various sizes. A good gift can become prihvatochki kitchen with symbols of Cyprus, towels, mirror key chains, pens, slippers, t-shirts, bags, etc.

If you want to bring something truly original Cyprus, we recommend you visit derevenkuchto buy in Cyprus? Lefkara lace under the name of Lefkara. In it, you can not just wander through the ancient winding streets, but also to buy handmade famous Cypriot lace - lefkaritiku. Gorgeous patterns on napkins and tablecloths will not leave you indifferent.

There, in the village of Lefkara, you can buy products from handmade silver. Thin exquisite patterns Cypriot artists will be a perfect gift for yourself and loved ones.

Religious people will like benches near monasteries. Here you can find a variety of icons, crosses and other religious items.

Cyprus can buy excellent alcoholic beverages. Dessert wine "Commandaria" or traditional drink "zivania" - is only on the island of Aphrodite, so they will be very nice gifts.

Another souvenirs brought back from Cyprus can be olive oil. In most shops you will meet the Greek olive oil production, but you can find the original Cypriot. Even better ride on an excursion to the village where this oil make, participate in tasting and purchase your favorite.

By the way, as a gift from Cyprus can lead not only olive oil, but also olives. Big, ripe and very tasty!

Continue the theme of food can be honey, which is characterized by good taste. Lovers of sweet delight is necessary to try, and perhaps not only taste, but also buy it "just in case".

For beautiful ladies can recommend to pay particular attention to cosmetic departments in pharmacies. There you'll find a huge range of natural cosmetics, moisturizers, masks, scrubs, gels and other products of the highest quality. Featured products on the shelves, as local and well-known European companies. As a gift, you can buy in Cyprus cosmetics based on olive oil - it will be a great gift to yourself and your loved ones.

We can offer you combine shopping with interesting excursions around the island. For example, in Nicosia prices for many goods is lower than in the resort areas, but the choice is much more.

Have a nice stay!

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