Today: 19 May 2019
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Fauna and flora

The flora of the island is very diverse. Here, there are various kinds 1890 trees including endemic, ie, only for the specific area.

Forests cover 20% of the island and presented: Aleppo and Calabrian pine olholistnym oak, madrone, elm, sumac, hawthorn, Cyprus cedar, cypress, chestnut and juniper, ash and Greek wild pear.

The whole island is covered with flowers - roses, cyclamen and tulips, orchids, mountain lavender pink purple peonies. Blossoming orchards - apple, pear, cherry, and orange trees slimonnye.

Wildlife, unlike vegetable, not so diverse. But while Cyprus is considered one of the favorite places in the world for bird watchers. Here love winter many species of birds, including rare. On the island there are more than 300 species of resident and migratory birds: storks, herons, wild ducks, orioles, Verdigris, nightingales, crossbill, warblers, pins, wrens, swallows. At Salt Lake, for example, winter beauties - the pink flamingos. And in the Larnaca district photographed tourists enjoy living there pelicans.

Among the wild animals in Cyprus is inhabited by wolves, donkeys, squirrels, martens, mountain sheep-Cypriot mouflon, affection, two species of turtles: green and Caretta caretta (these rare turtles lay their eggs on the island and place their nests are protected at the state level), hares, foxes.

Meet here 8 species of snakes, but soothes the fact that only one of them, Levantine viper poisonous. There are also chameleons, lizards, skinks, frogs, toads. Rich world of insects: a very beautiful butterfly, for example, is listed as endangered apollo, scorpions, spiders, beetles and other colorful

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