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60 facts about Cyprus

1. Cyprus - an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Cyprus is obliged to its name throughout the growing cypress tree.

3. Cyprus - a former British colony, gained independence only in 1960-year.

4. In 1974-year Turkish troops landed on the island and under the pretext of protecting its population captured half of the island. Therefore, the boundary divides the island into two parts - north and south, "Turkish" and "Greek", respectively.

5. Echoes of this war are heard and still manifest themselves in dire dislike southern Cypriots to the northern invaders. The fact that the conflict a large number of Greek Cypriots lost their property and were deported or fled to the northern part of the island.

6. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a state recognized only by Turkey.

7. Due to the unclear situation abroad middle of the island, Cyprus is not part of the Schengen zone.

8. In Cyprus, the two bases of the British armed forces, occupying 2% of the island.

9. Cypriots have not decided to call themselves Greeks.

10. Surprisingly, part of the Cypriot absolutely does not speak English, but it works in the service sector.

11. On the other hand, some well-know Russian. Basically it Pontiacs, ethnic Greeks who migrated from the CIS countries during perestroika in the Soviet Union.

12. Cypriots scoff Pontiacs as Russian over the Chukchi.

13. Cypriots believe that their Olympus unlike the Greek mainland mountains of the same name is a veritable mountain of the gods.

14. Olympus on this there is a ski center, where you can ride in the winter or just leave the snowballs.

15. Cyprus drive on the left, left over from the British Empire, as a legacy left and three-pin socket.

16. Road between the towns of very good quality. Formal speed limit - 100 km / h, but all go 120. For more, you can get a fine if running into the police.

17. Tourists give cars with red numbers.

18. With the lights on, too, only tourists go. The local belief that included lights put battery.

19. Turning the unit used, but pedestrians passed not only on transitions.

20. Raised arm with an open hand is an informal road priority. With the arm can safely cross the street, or wedged in a row, or to unfold across two lanes.

21. Allowable alcohol content in the driver power 0,5 ppm.

22. Crime is virtually absent, although petty theft occur.

23. Cypriots are lazy and do not like to work. But love to rest.

24. Large stores on Wednesday and Saturday work until lunch, and generally closed on Sunday.

25. The only places around the clock - it's a bakery. They except bakery products you can buy some other products: juices, milk, butter, cheese, etc.

26. "Seagal Seagal" - an expression that roughly corresponds to the Russian proverb "Work is not a wolf - in the wood will not escape" or "do not rush - have time." This expression is the motto and credo for many, as well as a funny joke.

27. Cypriots, like many Mediterraneans are optional and relaxed.

28. Most national holidays - religious.

29. Church plays an important role at the national level, for example, one of the largest banks in hers.

30. Only in Cyprus celebrated Kataklysmos, or Day of the Flood.

31. Electricity on the island - one of the most expensive in the world.

32. Cypriots do not use house numbers and street names in addresses. A typical address - "up from the supermarket, at the third traffic light right, then left, and next to a bakery is my home."

33. All the houses instead of numbers on the facade are proud proper names, such as Melanie House.

34. When a Google-ITA Cypriots fall into a stupor. When asked to name the street and house number surprised and asked where we auto-navigator.

35. Cypriots are very fond of glass tables.

36. Usually apartments are very close toilets without sockets and no "prihozhka."

37. Filipino - an integral part of the family. And take away the apartment, and with children to nurse and take a walk with the elderly.

38. On Sundays, all Filipino kicked walk on the legal holiday.

39. Cypriot national drink - frappe, Nescafe, whipped to a froth with sugar and filled with water or milk and ice. Frappe drink in the morning, afternoon, evening, and quite possibly at night.

40. Coffee "Turkish" coffee is referred to as "on-Cypriot."

41. National Foods - Suvli, large pieces of meat, usually pork, roasted on skewers ARF. Souvlaki - a smaller version on wooden skewers Suvli.

42. Generally Cypriots love to eat. The restaurants are usually huge portions, so that the count of force.

43. National alcoholic drink - zivania. Grape moonshine, sister of Italian grappa and Georgian chacha. Some varieties to add character and color aged in oak barrels.

44. Cypriots drink moderately. Prefer beer frappe. Youth generally eats ice cream and smokes pot.

45. National sport - football. Cypriots active fans, stavilschiki rates, and kick the ball are not fools.

46. In Cyprus, no stray dogs and homeless people, but cats decently.

47. Girls have a beautiful figure just before graduation. After that grows most of the big bust, buttocks and everything else.

48. The bride's parents must reward his daughter a dowry of a fully furnished living space. Otherwise worthless a bride.

49. All are invited to the wedding friends and relatives. The more people come, the more prestigious considered wedding. Decided to give young money right at the entrance, and then feast from the buffet. Drank, ate - it's time to go home.

50. Traditionally, instead of a bouquet bride should throw grenades. But usually the tradition remains only on paper.

51. All to create a family Cypriots come very responsibly. They are not in a hurry to get married, choosing slowly and as a result, one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe.

52. Baptism of children - the second largest after the wedding, a family holiday and is celebrated with the same scope and dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of guests.

53. Before the baptism of their child does not have a name, its called - a child.

54. Cypriot family ties can only envy. But for the unprepared person, some things look very strange. For example, the choice of house, interior, bridesmaid dresses, and later even casual clothes for the wife remains with relatives. And failure is not accepted!

55. Families often reigns patriarchy. Wife should stay home with the kids, and my husband can sit at the bar with friends. Contacts wife with other men out of work, as well as hiking with friends in a bar or cafe - condemned.

56. "Boys separately, girls separately" - also a frequent phenomenon in these parts.

57. Russian emigrants and poluemigrantov very much. Menu in Russian - practically the norm in many restaurants.

58. "Island single moms." Russian stars and businessmen just like rafting on Cyprus their wives and kids.

59. For children there really created a lot of conditions, and entertainment. And adults care and cherish them.

60. If you have any questions on staying or living in Cyprus - just write in the comments or on our mail.

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