Today: 22 May 2019
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Selection of "neuzhastikov" from the Portal

We used to think that a terrible movie must necessarily belong to the genre of horror and talk about serial killers, vengeful ghosts or reviving dead people. But it turns out, this is not so. Portal video content shared with its viewers a selection of films from the category of psychological drama, frightening no less than box office horror films.

One of the best examples is the film "Hell", accessible by reference In the center of the story are two people - a girl named Liz and a cruel priest, who became her personal nightmare. At the beginning of the film, the reverend's hatred for Liz seems random and illogical. However, then the director shows the viewer pictures from the past, and it becomes clear that the opposition has dragged on for a long time. The film is devoid of any mysticism - and therefore frightens even more with its realism.

A good nezhazhikom can be called and the film "Pretender". He talks about a real adult man who successfully posing as a missing teenager. However, most of all in the film is not shocked by the pretender of the impostor Frederic himself - and the behavior of his newfound "parents" who refuse to notice strangeness. The fact is that the family keeps many of its secrets - and the audience has to find out what kind of secrets it is.

The film "Something's wrong with Kevin" also touches on the theme of the family. The main heroine Eve always considered her son strange - but others urged her that she was biased towards the boy. After the teenager commits a brutal murder and goes to jail, it becomes obvious - the mother was right. All that remains to her now is to recall the past and try to understand exactly where the son's education gave a fatal crash.

In the selection from four more films are presented: "Shelter", "Inner Empire", "Disappearance" and "Marta, Marci May, Marlene". Despite the difference in the plot, all the films combine one thing - they focus on the inner experiences of the characters, their anxieties, memories and fears. Films make no less impression than ordinary horror movies - and give rich food for thought over the secrets of the human soul.

All of the above content can be found on the site of the online cinema The portal allows you to watch movies at any time and enjoy the quality pictures and good voice acting.

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