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Clubs Cyprus

For every person who goes on vacation, relaxing is associated not only with serene lying on the beach and sightseeing. Indispensable element for many is also acquainted with the nightlife of the resort. And if you go to Cyprus, you can be sure that here you will be offered places for every taste.

However, as with many other options tourist pastime clubs Cyprus have their certain features to be aware of every tourist. About them and we'll talk more.

First - this is a specific work schedule nightlife

It does not matter in which city you are looking for suitable clubs for yourself, Limassol it will be, Paphos or any other resort, you need to know that in the territory of the whole of Cyprus the working hours of such establishments are strictly regulated and fixed at the legislative level. So, in Cyprus, all nightly establishments concentrate on certain streets, which are called "bar". This need is dictated by the rule of silence after 22.00, so the "bar" streets are located away from residential areas. Nevertheless, even on such streets after 3 hours of the night you are unlikely to find even one working club. This requirement is also established by law: the owners of institutions receive a special license, which indicates how long their club can work. Typically, this is either until one in the morning or three in the morning.

Second - this is an unprecedented level of safety of tourists

Such provided just what was needed to keep quiet in the city. So after 22.00 main focus of the police is to "bar" streets. For this reason you can not worry about their own safety when visiting any clubs in Cyprus. However, the police are very loyal to tour without a good reason not prevent you enjoy nightlife chosen resort.

The third - the cost of drinks in such establishments

In most cases, the cost of drinks in Cypriot clubs is high enough. So do not hesitate before making an order, Pricing selected beverage. Also inquire in advance about the waiter cocktails, as some of them are strong enough and are not suitable for every body.

Cyprus night life are its resorts such as:

  • Ayia Napa - this is perhaps the most youth town so the night life here boils no less strongly than in the afternoon. Say more, at night Ayia Napa turns into one big club, where you will be offered bars and dance floors for every taste. The atmosphere is really carefree atmosphere of relaxation and fun.
  • Limassol - nightlife in this city has a touch of elitism: clubs and restaurants here are already expensive, and the audience in them more impressive. Perhaps this is the only city in Cyprus, which has no clear focus nightlife: they are located on the coast and in the tourist area.
  • Paphos - more quiet in terms of nightlife resort, but even here there is a "bar" street. It is located in the tourist area, so places no way violate the rules of their assigned work.
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