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Magic winter Troodos

For many, Cyprus - is primarily a summer vacation. However great time here and winter you can experience all the benefits of a great snow cover in the Troodos Mountains. Plus skiing in Cyprus - a relatively inexpensive pleasure. In this article we analyze the information about the ski Troodos (height, vertical slopes, equipment) in terms of both beginners and advanced skiers.

Snowfalls in the Troodos begin in December, and the snow melts near the end of March. The best time for skiing in Cyprus is considered to be in February-March. Winter Troodos not only picturesque, as the Alps, but also incredibly popular with the local population and tourists. Active audience slowly get their share of snow fun, excitement heads for the hills. On weekends, people can be so much that is going to turn lifts and traffic jams are formed.

Most often snow in the Troodos falls softly, but there are also large snowfalls. After them, local police regulating traffic on mountain serpentines. If your car is not all-wheel or wheels are not reserved for the safety chains, you will be asked to leave the car and continue on foot up.

The highest peak of the Troodos massif Cypriots named after the monastery of the Greek gods - Olympus. Borrowed from Greek mythology and descents name - "Aphrodite", "Hermes", "Zeus" and "Hera".

As you can see on the map, light green area around Mount Olympus (brown triangle) indicates the area ski resort. Blue lines - that's four lifts (SV1 - Sun Valley 1 or "Aphrodite», SV2 - Sun Valley 2 or "Hermes», NF1 - North Face 1 or "Zeus», NF2 - North Face 2 or "Hera"). Brown dots denote rental equipment and a cafe.

Skis and snowboards can be purchased or rented on the spot, but you can prepare in advance to rent or purchase equipment in Limassol or Nicosia. Keep in mind that rent equipment in the Troodos best in the morning.

Opportunities for skiing is both the beginners and advanced skiers. So, descent "Aphrodite" is intended for beginners (blue), "Hermes" and "Hera" - intermediate (blue / red), and "Zeus" - the most difficult (red / black). By the way, on the "Zeus" annual international ski competitions.

Of course, the ultra-modern ski resort in the Troodos not name. Old rope tows, a large number of beginners, sometimes it can be seen bare ground and stones - a couple of days if there was no snow. But enjoy riding all this does not prevent: lifts operate reliably, snow guns regularly sleep slopes, and the atmosphere on the slopes reigns most relaxed. And the main charm of the winter holidays in Cyprus: the ski resort you can go all day!

Options resort Troodos

Altitude 1952 m
Total number of routes 16
Longest run 900 m

Tuition skiing and snowboarding

Category Price, € / hour
Group lessons for children (5-12 years) 10
Private lessons for children 25
Group lessons for adults (13 years and older) 15
Private lessons for adults 35

Eliana Loizidis,
representative of the Limassol Ski Club and Ski Federation Cyprus

- Which international competitions take place in Cyprus during the winter?

- In mid-February 2012 held here major international competitions. Professional skiers from Lebanon, Belgium and the UK have come to compete with our athletes. It should be noted that snow routes were excellently prepared and meet international standards. We were lucky: 2012 year was the most snow year in Cyprus over the past 20 years. Snowfall began in mid-December, and the snow lay on the tops of the mountains until the beginning of May. The ski season lasted three months, which is absolutely atypical for Cyprus.

- What activities are planned for the season 2013-2014?

- Unfortunately, this year has been a long summer, but because our plans for the competition were threatened. But in mid-December, the temperature dropped sharply, and the level of snow in the mountains reached 70 see There are serious reasons to be confident that this season we will have a number of sports ski marathons.

- Tell us about the ski slopes of the Troodos.

- The lowest and suitable for beginners descent - green - we in Cyprus, unfortunately, no. We begin to train people with blue shutter (Sun Valley 1 or "Aphrodite"). Then go to a more complex blue / red descent (Sun Valley 2 and North Face 2, or "Hermes" and "Hera"). And then the most difficult route (North Face 1 or "Zeus"), one of which is red, and the other - black.

- How long does it engage newcomer to walk down the "Zeus"?

- If you've never stood on skis, you need to train for a month for four or five hours three times a week. After that, you may be able to successfully conquer this track. But all depends on the skier, the age and skills of skating. The younger a person is, the easier it lends itself to learning.

In my opinion, Cyprus - an ideal place for beginners. Moreover, people who are on skis here in Cyprus, easily ride in any ski areas in Europe. It should be noted that in Cyprus we have a lot of decent skiers.

- A skilled skier will be interesting to Troodos?

- The trace skating in Cyprus can be very exciting for the athlete at any level, the main thing - to choose the appropriate trigger. Experienced athlete with height "Zeus" may go down in a few minutes.

- Can a foreigner become a member of the Cyprus Ski Federation? What are the benefits of membership?

- Member of the Ski Club sports can be anybody. As representatives of the club, foreign athletes will be able to participate in competitions. For example, this year we plan to participate Russian skiers in several competitive rounds. For athletes who are officially registered in our club, we regularly organize races on skis.

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