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Reiki in Cyprus

Name the healing power of nature - Reiki.

You have heard of Reiki or asked yourself the question - "What is it?" If you want to know more about the system of Reiki, this article is for you, and everyone who wants to get acquainted with this amazing and unique practice.

The practice of "Reiki" was founded in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The word "reiki" consists of two characters: "ray" and "ki". In the Japanese "Ray" - the universe, spirit, soul is important. "Ki" means energy, mind, and mood. In English-speaking countries, raiks are sometimes called "universal vital energy." The founder of the system, Dr. Mikao Usui, spent a long time searching and exploring various ways of natural healing. Then he founded a school in which he began to teach a new system of healing. Knowledge was transferred from the Reiki Master to the student. Originally, only Japanese were trained in it, but later foreigners began to enter the school.

The session of the reiki takes place in the following form: the receiving session is quietly lying - first on the back, then on the stomach, the master in a certain form puts his hands on various places of the body receiving the reiki. The average duration of one session is from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. During the Reiki session, each cell of the body in the necessary quantities absorbs the reiki in order to realize the energy balance. Reiki penetrates everywhere where there is a need for energy, removes clumps of energy, or stagnant energy, and balances the chakras if they are not harmonious. Energy flowing in peace and harmony, relaxes the soul and body. When the body and soul are completely relaxed, all the organs and systems of the body function better and "responding relaxation" is revealed.

With Reiki's regular treatment, the quality of healing is improved. The results are reminiscent of the effect of deep meditation: blood pressure is normalized, the immune and endocrine systems are improved, treatment is not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual and emotional: it creates a feeling of peace of mind, and sometimes radical changes in attitude to everything . Hard and spiritually stiffened people become more sensitive and supple. Such a change is decisive in the treatment of chronic diseases. Being in tune with Reiki, we can feel in our physical body the effects of anger, sadness, anxiety and other feelings. We begin to feel the destructive nature of the energy of such emotions and learn to quickly get rid of them. Attention, in combination with Reiki, allows us to quickly experience these effects in our body. Ultimately, with developed sensitivity, we are able to sense every our thought. Developing deep states in meditation, it is possible to increase the space between thoughts, in other words, to bring the soul into such a state when we become one with the universal consciousness. Reiki is a non-aggressive, mild, but at the same time effective method of healing. Reiki does not come into conflict with traditional medicine, on the contrary, it supports and enriches such methods of treatment as medical massage, acupressure, various kinds of therapy. The Reiki system is not only the simplest and most natural, but also the most effective method of transmitting the universal vital energy that has ever been known. Reiki is available to everyone, since the Reiki system differs from other healing methods in amazing simplicity. Reiki can never hurt, because it is given in the amount that the patient needs. Many people try reiki later on themselves become conductors of this energy. Reiki is the power that is embedded in every living being. Health and prosperity is the real goal that can be achieved with the help of Reiki.

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