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Fishing in Cyprus

Many men like fishing, and even go on vacation, it is worth to touch the local color, and apart from a beach holiday, and do more active, actually - fishing. A plurality of reservoirs allow to choose the place of fishing - and there is the sea and freshwater artificial reservoirs. They were originally built for drinking water supply, but then they had run fish. It is great breed in fresh water, and all tourists will certainly leave happy with fishing.

In freshwater waters of Cyprus, there are 17 species of fish, and in different reservoirs - different. So, Akhna suggests trying to catch perch and carp, and the reservoir Dipotamos can also please them with lines and pike perches, mirror carp. It was here that the largest mirror carp in Cyprus was once caught - a meter and a half at a weight of 15 kg. If you want something more original, you should go for trout to the pond Lefkara, and for the cedar - to Germany. Yermasogeia can please the roach and silver bream, except perch, carp and mullet. A lot of fish species are found in the reservoir Asprogrammos, near the largest dam. Fish here often reaches a weight of 10-15 kg, so take strong gear.

If you are interested in sea fishing in Cyprus, your catch may consist of more than 250 fish species so that such fishing is very interesting and unpredictable. This is a very popular form of recreation, so problems with the organization will not be exact. You can go and catch octopus - this entertainment is organized specifically for tourists and includes a walk on a yacht, the usual fishing and, of course, the hunt for octopus.

You can order a fishing trip in any hotel. Everyone can fish in the sea, but in order to go fishing for a freshwater pond, you need a license that is issued to people older than 12 years. The license for a particular pond is cheaper, and if you want to fish for different ponds, you will have to pay more. Usually, the license is sold for the current year, and its validity period ends in December. Never mind, you order a license in January to fish a year, or in December, and manage to leave just once. For tourists, a group license is usually bought, and it costs almost two times cheaper.

There are certain rules that goes fishing in Cyprus so you can not have more than one pole and one hook and some caught fish ponds have to let go. You can not fish from a boat and set the network. All these nuances will tell you when you purchase a license.

As a rule, all fishing takes a similar scenario. Bring tourists to the pond, where the issue all the necessary equipment for fishing. In the holiday includes dinner and can also be included help fish cutting.

In general, if you want a holiday to remember not only beaches and waterfalls, you should definitely go fishing. Children under 12 years are included in the license free parents.

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