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Explore the culture of the island, its history and amazing views from the bicycle saddle height.

Bike ride will give you a chance to see what you might not have paid any attention from the car window. Opportunity to get acquainted with stunning local landscapes, which can not be given a look, the sights and sounds of wildlife in the immediate vicinity, ancient ruins or a secluded cove.

You can go to any of a plurality of bicycle routes, or to make your own. Choose the desired tempo, sports or leisurely, your lungs fill with fresh air, and make a modest contribution to the fight against global warming and environmental protection.

Hundreds of kilometers of cycling on bike routes

Cyprus - a paradise for cyclists, and not only because the sunny weather guaranteed. Guaranteed excellent weather prevailing on the island means that enjoy bike rides can almost year round. And unlike other European or Mediterranean countries, strong headwinds are rare.

But the main advantage of the compactness of the island, which is its main advantage, with the rapid changes of the landscape and scenery on even the shortest cycle routes. Within walking distance to 10 km you can change the clay cliffs on steep slopes to the plain, ie, in a short period of time to pass on all types of terrain of the island, making the island one bicycle polygon.

The island has a number of cycling centers offering rental services, information on the route, guides and service. They can arrange your trip so that your route ran through various landscapes, combining mountains, rugged coastlines cliffs, picturesque vineyards, olive groves and charming ancient ruins.

Important international and local cycling events

Gorgeous weather, attractive routes and ideal infrastructure make Cyprus a perfect destination for mauntbaykerov. Experienced athletes from all over the world come to the island in order to polish skills, get test points or earn prize money.

Cyprus Cycling Federation, member of the International Cycling Union (UCI), annually organizes many competitions. One of the most popular - "Race the Sun", an international race MTB (mauntbaykerov) 1-grade cross country, held under the auspices of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), which takes place in the spring around the popular coastal resort of Limassol Germasogeia village. The track is 6 kilometers, which are several times better mauntbaykery world.

Also mauntbaykerov popular three-day competition called "Auxentius" which attracts famous cyclists from all over Europe, as it is considered by many cyclists as an excellent way to winter training. Race "Auxentius" - part of the Solar Cup, which consists of 4 stages taking place in February and March.

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