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Cat Show in Cyprus Christmas Carol Cat Show 2011

Winter in Cyprus, Cypriot complete this winter - with welcome rain, wind, large temperature changes in the town and village on the plains and in the mountains. Do not worry, night temperature rarely drops below 7-8 degrees and during the day you can safely walk in thin T-shirt and jeans.

Only this time you can see the deserted beaches, no tourists and sunburned aunts. Peacefully sitting in a beachside bar with a glass of mulled wine and watch the lonely suicide in batches, with cries of "Oh, *** ..." storming sea elements. Enjoy elderly British couple, spilled out onto the beach in folding chairs, but with a bottle SantPantelemona or something stronger. Look at these courtship 70-80 summer lovers dream - that would carry us through the love of the year.

Cyprus in the winter is especially beautiful and inimitable. The whole tourist season endures, waiting for cool days and refreshing rains. And with the onset of November - blossomed in all its glory. Instead of scorched fields - wonderful green, yellow, red carpets. Eucalyptus is gaining strength and fragrance somehow especially. Here and there you can step into the usual and unusual puddle, and in-about-it that abandoned construction dump overgrown with grass and poppies. Lepota ... And somehow it seems difficult that in Russia, smart and proud people defend their rights, that a handful of pi ..., excuse me, the Kremlin embers stink and poison the air with their presence. That in the world a constant movement - "Capture, Wall Street", a revolution here and there, the EU flies to the tram-tar-ram, and in Cyprus there is nothing but the flowering nature and the whitefish. Beautiful and sad.

Individual enthusiasts try to shake and energize the deeply relaxing island. It turns out fun, but even more relaxing. Thank you though for this. A small charge of vivacity all received in the oldest building in Limassol - Carob Mill Complex, where the Christmas cat show "Christmas Carol Cat Show 2011" was held. On the radio, a week was trumpeted about a large number of exclusive pussies, the participation of all the breeders of Cyprus, but in reality it turned out to be a hard-won hundred hibernating cats. Naturally, the winner was the cat of the British Shorthair breed - the judges are English. Although, in my opinion, very nice looking local Cypriot cats the size of a good plump dog, but, unfortunately, their faces are domestic, like our Vasek and Murzikov - such prizes are not credited. In general, I do not understand the whole meaning of these exhibitions, the excitement of breeders in the hope of receiving a prize - if you love an animal, then it should be all the same with a stamp and a rich pedigree, it or an ordinary find. I hope that all breeders just like cats, they want to preserve and multiply their favorite breed, and money and prizes for them are secondary.

Cats looked very sad at what is happening through the bars of their cells:



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