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Features car rental in Cyprus

Car hire in Cyprus, as well as many other related tourism business, associated with a small risk. As a well-known saying: "Tourists who are not fooled - this is not a tourist." Be prepared that you are beautiful, with a smile and without a thought of bad deeds, try to dissolve or make the language barrier dozen other euro.

But it was not called, and when renting a car you enter into a legal relationship with the car rental company and you need to minimize potential "erotic relationship" with the same car rental company at the time of the vehicle. And in the world of lawyers and letter of the law, there is no concept of bad act, a deception, fraud, misrepresentation and other picturesque sounding article. We call such a situation their belongings - deception.

Cheating when renting a car in Cyprus can be as follows:

  • Issuance rental car lower class, and you do pay a different class, the difference, of course, will not return.
  • Can give a car with external damage - deep scratches, dents. Often these things are practiced in car rental in hotels. Remember, most of the hotels do not have their car rental companies and they are the ones who offer the most favorable conditions (read "between the lines" - the best hotel provided you rent will cost just as much as it is written in the price list of the hotel)
  • May "forget" to spend WITH YOU external inspection of the car and make the lease all the detected damage. What threatens it to you at the time of the rental car, I hope, no need to explain. All motorists experienced and taught communication with Russian insurance companies.
  • May be asked to pay for petrol in the tank, the presence of which is determined by eye instrument vehicle and its domestic price. At the time of writing, the price of gasoline 95 1.21 euro in Cyprus and worldwide practice rental car - a full tank of gas at the beginning and end of lease. Configuration car - spare tire, a minimum set of tools, cheap Japanese cassette. These things have to be in the car, but not always.
  • Upon delivery of the car rental can indicate "appeared" chips, scratches on the body or damage to tires, wheels and asked to pay it, it all depends on the insurance contract that you made at the beginning of the rental car.
  • Other types of fraud are well absolutely improper and criminal in nature and is found in Cyprus - should really try. Interesting fact - in the winter, when the tourists on the island quite a few, some car rental companies, which are located in the tourist area, fully curtail their business. Serious players activities, car rental services are unlikely to be doing this.

Based on the actual situation on car rental in Cyprus, I can give the following practical tips:

To rent a car, you only need a valid driver's license, in Russia it is a driver's license. It may be in the form of a plastic laminated cardboard, old, new international standard - any! Requirements for driving licenses that reach senility suffer only Russian traffic cops - Cyprus does not. You can even display carton with inscription Drive License, your photo printing some - and such a focus can pass. A bit of cash, but rather one of the bank card systems VISA, MasterCard - take them anywhere.

Cyprus-hand traffic. Steering wheel in the vehicle passenger seat and a passenger on the driver's seat. Suppose you did not bother to get used RHD cars for 2-3 hours. For safety reasons (what a clever man invented a police license plate - respect him), your car will have a bright red license plate, you will shy away from the local Aborigines and forgive you many missteps in management, but do not overdo it. Pro features vehicular traffic will be a separate story.

If you are limited in money, try not to rent cars from the hotel - it's expensive (for today, the cost of renting a car in the hotel from 50 Euro per day, in companies near the hotel from 35 Euro, the company I use during the five-year plan - from 20 Euro per day). The peculiarity of renting a car in the hotel is that you do not conclude a rental contract with the hotel, although logically, it gives you this servant, and with the car rental company that provided you with the vehicle. All the responsibilities of the parties will be stipulated in this agreement, and the hotel will smile politely and dissolve hands - nothing personal, only business.

Very reliable, but also the most expensive to rent cars from world famous companies: Hertz, AVIS. Their representatives have at Larnaca airport, Paphos, and in sufficient quantities in the popular tourist town of Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, Ayia Napa.

Addresses and working hours of HERTZ:

Ayia Napa
Kriou Nerou Street
Address: 45 Kriou Nerou Street
Ayia Napa (Ayia Napa)
Telephone: 023 721836
Hours of Operation: Mo-Su 0800-1300 1600-1900.
Larnaca Airport
Address: Larnaca Airport
Larnaca (Larnaca)
Telephone: 024 00 86 92
Hours of Operation: Mo-Su 24 hours
Yermasogia - Alkyonides Court
61 Georgiou A-Street Shop 61 F
Limassol (Yermasogia)
Telephone: 025 323758
Hours of Operation: Mo-Fr 0900-1300 1600-1900, Sa-Su 0900-1300
Strovolos - Ekaterinis Kornarou St
Address: 16 Ekaterinis Kornarou St Office 101
Nicosia (Strovolos)
Telephone: 022 20 88 88
Hours of Operation: Mo-Fr 0830-1700, Sa-Su closed
Paphos Airport
Address: Paphos Airport
Paphos (Paphos)
Telephone: 026 933985
Hours of Operation: Mo-Su 0900-2000
Apostolos Pavlos Avenue
Address: 54A Apostolos Pavlos Avenue
Paphos (Paphos)
Telephone: 026 933985
Hours of Operation: Mo-Fr 0900-1300 1600-1900,
Sa-Su 0900-1300

Addresses and phone numbers of AVIS:

Nicosia Head Office
2 Byron Av.
POBox 22276, 1519 Nicosia
Tel: + 357 22 713333
Fax: + 357 22 713334
Larnaca International Airport
Main Terminal Building - Arrivals Hall
Tel: + 357 24 008710
Fax: + 357 24 008711
Ayia Napa
2 38 Makariou III Avenue,
Limanaki, 5330 - Ayia Napa
Tel .: + 357 23 721844
Fax: + 357 23 721845
Protaras (Summer Only)
10 Ayios Elias, 5296 - Protaras
Tel .: + 357 23 833933
Fax: + 357 23 833934
13 Georgiou A 'Avenue,
Potamos Germasoyias, 4040 - Limassol
Tel .: + 357 25 324192
Fax: + 357 25 324193
Paphos International Airport Terminal
Main Terminal Building - Arrivals Hall
Tel .: + 357 26 943230
Fax: + 357 26 943231
Paphos (3 locations):
8840 - Paphos
8 Tombs of the Kings Avenue,
8046 - Paphos
83 Demokratias Street,
EKO Petrol Station
Tel .: + 357 26 943230
Fax: + 357 26 943231
Polis Chrysochous / Latsi
Charapolis Block Office 12,
8844 - Latsi
Tel .: + 357 26 323920
Fax: + 357 26 323921

Pay close attention to the car rental companies in the tourist areas, read a lease car (one copy is always there in English), to delve into all the nuances and require clarification unclear clauses.

Before putting his signature to the treaty rental spend, together with a representative of car rental, vehicle inspection, and with his hand in the contract note any damage, make sure that these markers clearly imprinted on the second copy of the contract. Do it slowly, thoughtfully - have no hurry.

When signing the contract figure out how, where and in what form to return the car. The vehicle must be clean, or as it is, the fuel tank full, or not necessarily - and make it into a treaty. Return the car to the office, where they took out, you can leave the car park at the hotel or in a consistent and place convenient for both sides - it may ask for a small fee in the amount of 10-20 Euro, it is common practice.

Remember that all conflicts arising from the car rental company, are treated not in favor of a tourist resort in some countries and not in favor of, and are resolved in court under the lease car. Court in Cyprus - is fast (hearing may be scheduled even the next day), expensive (starting bet lawyer represent you in court 500 Euro), but almost always within the law.

If, however, there was a conflict of interest between you and the car rental company - safely call the tourist police or just police.

Citywide service, including the police: 112
The officer on duty: 1499
Central section: 1460

We hope that this article will help you save hundreds of other Euro from the family budget. Do not hesitate, if you have the desire and ability, and rent a car and scooter and motorcycle and ATV. Otherwise you will not be able to study in detail the wonderful island of Aphrodite, the simplicity and the wonderful cuisine village tavernas, travel outside the tourist area.

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