Today: 19 May 2019
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Bicycles in Cyprus

At any resort island is to rent a bicycle. Recently opened in Cyprus many rental outlets. It is very convenient to tour the city or even better in the Troodos Mountains, where paved special bike trails with fantastic views.

Biking trails also have the most beautiful places in Cyprus: Limassol waterfront along, popoluostrovu Akamas and Nicosia. In Ayia Napetakzhe comfortable bike ride to Cape Greco. All biking trails with signposts and special blue road markings.

Nicosia was introduced bike rental program similar to similar programs in Amsterdam or Barcelona, ​​which you can get a bike at one station and rolling pass it to another. Rental done by credit card, the amount of collateral held in 150 €. You get a special 8-digit code that you enter on the return station. If you return the bike in less than an hour later, the rental will be free.

New cycling program with the opening of the plurality of rental started in 2012 year in Limassol.

Bicycle Rental in Cyprus:

  • on 1-3 days: 5 € per day
  • on 4-6 days: 3 € per day
  • more days 7: 2 € for a day

Specify whether to include the cost of hiring a bike in Cyprus: map, bike lock, helmet, pump and spare parts, as well as delivery to the hotel.

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