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Larnaca Airport

Larnaca, or rather to the airport, located in 5 km from this town right on the Mediterranean coast, falls every tourist who arrives in Cyprus to relax. From the airport you can go to any part of the island in a private taxi or bus to get to Nicosia or Limassol. This international airport was built in 1974 year, and before that it was used by the British as a military airfield. In addition to the airport in Larnaca, aircraft can get to the island via a second airport in Paphos, Cyprus.

Larnaca - the third largest city in Cyprus and one of the largest ports in the southern part of the island. It is quite economical for purses and vacationers this city is attractive to tourists with average incomes. Also here like to spend a family with small children, which is important for cleanliness local sandy beaches and the sea, kofortabelnoe and yet affordable accommodation in hotels, not the number of entertainment in the city.

According to legend, the settlement on the site of the modern city was founded by the grandson of Noah. In those days the settlement was called Kition, or Hittim. Larnaka (from "larnux"). in Greek means "sarcophagus" and is due to the fact that in the 16 century ancient burials were discovered here. The sarcophagus is not the sweetest name for the native city and many locals call it Scala (with emphasis on the first syllable), which translates as a "ladder". In the Middle Ages here, in Salt Lake, salt mining was conducted and the city was also called Salina. At the present time, salt is extracted only for local needs and does not have such an important economic importance for the country. But Salt Lake was chosen for wintering by many birds of swans, herons and even the most beautiful pink flamingos.

In 13 century BC the city flourished. Mycenaean Greeks living here organized its territory copper trade. To Larnaca 19 century was one of the major economic and political centers in Cyprus. But after 1878 year came to the island of the British redirected main financial flows in Famagusta and Larnaca lost economic superiority.

Larnaca value began to rise again since the invasion of Turkish troops in Cyprus. Refugees from the northern part of the country have significantly increased the population of the city. Instead of closing in Nicosia airport, 1975 there was built a modern international airport, which became the main air gateway of Cyprus. British again turned their attention to this part of the island, began to build hotels and invest in the development of local tourism infrastructure.

An interesting fact in 1993 year Larnaca became sister cities of Novorossiysk.

Certainly one of the best places in town - palm alley Finikudes. Strolling among the tall palm trees, enjoy the views from the waterfront overlooking the bay, strewn with white yachts moored. Numerous taverns and cafes are always happy to receive you in its cozy interiors and, of course, eat feed. The food here is delicious on a special, combined with spectacular views from the terrace cafe, becoming a truly unparalleled.

In Larnaca, everything has to unhurried leisure. Clear azure sea and lures in his arms, the smells of the local restaurants entice and encourage forget about the figure and enjoy a variety of mouth-watering taste of Greek dishes. The city celebrated in a big way Kataklysmos - Day Flood. Festivities with songs and music and all sorts of water competitions attract the feast, not only crowds of tourists, but also locals. The castle, which can be seen from the sea in the summer often WIRE various cultural events.

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